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Compliance Edge Knives Approach to Knife Making

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Times and technology progress, but the primal need for simple tools in life never changes. At the base of it all people need simple items for simple tasks. Since the beginning of man’s ability to shape rocks there has been sharp implements used for cutting. The more complicated you make the tool, the more complicated the job becomes. Yoni Wunderman of Compliance Edge knives (@compliance_edge) uses this simple approach to his knife making.

Compliance Edge knives 5 - Yoni Wunderman

The Compliance Edge Knives Approach to Knife Making

Yoni may be young to this game but that doesn’t stop him from putting out some of the cleanest working knives I’ve had the opportunity to test. Yoni grew up in the world of martial arts with a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and combatives. During some down time with his training caused by some PRK surgery he began experimenting in knife making in 2013. Taking initial influences from companies like Strider Knives Yoni went out to make what he describes as an…

“All around tool for anyone that needs a hard use knife, based around military/ law enforcement blade used efficiently for a variety of tasks. Maintaining safety with overall function across the board without trading aesthetics for function.”

Linking up early on with guys like Dave Camarillo of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu allowed Yoni meeting a lot of people in federal and local law enforcement, Pararescue, and the SOF community. These influences guided the design and testing of Compliance Edge’s current assortment of working blades.

Compliance Edge Knives 1 - Yoni Wunderman

First Look: the Compliance Edge Infidel

I found Compliance Edge through the random feed on Instagram. Based out of San Jose, CA, Compliance is a one man shop he runs with the help of his fiancé. His knives’ clean edges, simple lines and unique style caught my eye. The current trends tend to be big sweeping concave edges that are hard to sharpen. These edges work great for specific purposes but for a good daily working blade I find the more traditional blade designs much more appealing and easy to live with. After some conversations with Yoni he rogered up to send me a knife to play with put to the test before sending back. A couple days after our conversation I had Yoni’s personal Infidel to beat on for the next couple months.

• Cutting Edge Length: 4″
• Overall Length: 8.93″
• 1.63″ Width
• Blade Steel: .27″ Thick S35VN Stainless
• Handles: .25″ Thick G10

The Infidel’s blade is a good size while not being so big it becomes cumbersome. The blade is deceivingly thick, the grind on the blade still allows it be razor sharp and not feel like an axe blade like some other blades I have had from various makers. The handle’s G10 transitions almost seamlessly from the steel back to the G10. His grinded handle gives plenty of grip while not being aggressive against skin while carried. The rounded butt of the handle is unique with a lot of knife makers these days doing things like glass breakers or sharp edged lanyard loops which catch on your forearm or wrist as you reach around the knife or catch it just moving around. I carried it daily using it for everything from picking splinters out of my hand, cleaning fish, and cutting down a small sapling to make a walking stick. The knife came razor sharp out of the box and proved to hold an edge even after hacking down tree.

Compliance Edge 2 - Yoni Wunderman

For a fairly new and young new blade smith I am truly impressed. The fit, finish, style and execution is something you would expect from a veteran of the market not necessarily someone trying to establish a name for himself. Compliance Edge is definitely a solid choice in the ever growing knife market for anyone looking for a simple, well made working blade made for years of yard use and abuse.

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