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Concealment #10

We’re doing something a bit unusual in this issue of Concealment. No exotic unobtanium, no bleeding-edge designs, nothing but solid, quality gear and techniques for your consideration.

We’re introducing a new column titled “Crap Shoot,” which will rummage through the darkest recesses of various local gun stores to find viable self-defense handguns for less than $200. They won’t be pretty, and they won’t be something you show off to friends, but they should be good enough to count on when the sh*t hits the fan. Hopefully. And if they fail, then you’ll get to know about it, because information is the most vital thing we offer.

The budget theme continues elsewhere, as Candice Horner gets to grips with the newest Hi-Point carbine in 10mm. The last time a Hi-Point graced our pages, I wound up launching it through a target in a fit of rage after numerous stoppages, and the company hasn’t spoken to us since. The carbine, however, came away with high honors and proved that despite being uglier than a bucket of smashed a**holes, it’s a viable home defense or truck gun.

Remington’s detachable magazine 870 shotgun likewise won’t win any beauty contests, but it also might find a place in the home arsenal. While we’re intrigued by the prospect of both big green and Mossberg injecting reliability into what has previously been a notoriously fickle marriage of technologies, we’re more interested in the implication this has for future product releases. A box mag-fed semiauto that actually runs is a novel concept — one we hope American ingenuity can finally bring to market.

With the number of reasonably priced, quality products on the market, it’s a good time to be a gun owner in this great nation. It’s up to us to ensure it stays that way, reminding our elected representatives that our rights to armed self-defense are not negotiable, should they wish to keep their jobs.

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