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Crux Suppressors & Lancer Systems Announce Partnership

Texas-based Crux Suppressors has announced they will be partnering with Lancer Systems in 2019 effectively expanding their footprint in the market.

Lancer plans to utilize the Crux, Ark30, Axe9, and Nemesis on their sales samples as well as in their marketing material.

Crux plans to use the well regarded Lancer magazines in the 6.5 LTR, .308 Heavy Metal, 5.56 Patrol rifle, and the Outlaw .223 when demoing suppressors for both sales and marketing.

You can learn more about Crux Suppressors on their website, information about Lancer Systems can be found on the Lancer website.

More from Crux Suppressors:

Crux Suppressors is pleased to announce the marketing partnership with Lancer Systems. Lancer Systems, is the pinnacle for the Precision Gas Gun platform and AR-15 magazines.

Lancer Systems will be utilizing the Crux Nemesis, Ark30, and Axe9 suppressors for 2019 for sales and marketing.

Lancer Systems is excited to be working with Crux going into 2019. As a leading innovator in their field, Crux upholds the same values of providing superior engineered solutions and class leading performance, as the team at Lancer. – Richard Gilligan

For 2019 Crux is beyond excited to use Lancer magazines, 6.5 LTR, 308 Heavy Metal, Outlaw .223, and 5.56 Patrol rifles.

It makes perfect sense partnering with Lancer. Their rifles are hammers and allow us the opportunity to showcase the benefits of our suppressors without the variable of an inaccurate rifle. – Curtis Proske

About Crux Suppressors. Crux Suppressors, is a lead innovator within the precision rifle suppressor community. For 10 years Crux has grown from a small 1 man operation to 5 guys focused on building quality sound suppressors.

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