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CTOMS Academy: A Comprehensive Approach to Trauma Care

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We are more likely to find ourselves in a situation where traumatic care is needed, than we are to encounter criminal violence. Trauma treatment skills suffer from the same societal influences that imagine House accurately represents a hospital environment, and just like drawing from a holster, such skills diminish quickly if left dormant. CTOMS Academy provides a solution to the need for continual training and the rapid deployment of trauma care information. The training, however, is more than skin deep.

CTOMS academy screen

Intended to segment, rather than condense what tactical trauma care and field trauma care consist of, CTOMS Academy breaks education into consumable sections, that work together for a comprehensive view of the skills needed. Not restricted to the physical elements involved in lifesaving techniques, the digital coursework begins by addressing how we think of traumatic care, and is careful to not throw the word tactical around lightly. Students engage in lessons designed to truly educate first responders.

The lessons are broken down into digestible parts, with each building on one other. The systemic approach doesn't force itself to re-invent the wheel, but incorporates concepts like the OODA Loop to aid students marry the why and the how of Traumatic Care. The information contained within CTOMS Academy directs itself towards professionals, reflecting the materials taught in Special Operations units. The team at CTOMS Academy utilizes the combat medicine experience of the veterans in their cadre, and pairs it with the cutting edge of the field.

CTOMS slide

Human physiology and anatomy are explained as context for traumatic care, and are graphically presented, turning a lecture into a deeper learning experience. When demonstrations are added, they are often showing people in situation-appropriate gear to highlight equipment-related concerns. CTOMS Academy highlights what it looks like when the instructors are intuitly aware of the needs of their students. 

CTOMS training

Since the field of Combat Medicine and Traumatic Care are constantly evolving to emerging threats and improved techniques, the ability of CTOMS Academy to disseminate updated education across a large force adds to its value as a program. Now those across a national or international team can quickly adapt to working together more efficiently and focus on the objective. 

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