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Curated Offers: 4 OTF Knives at Discounted Prices

Knives are incredibly handy instruments, ones that we use for a huge number of tasks. And while there are plenty of knives created for specific purposes, the everyday carry knife is a must-have—a necessity. Even better when the knives aren't overly expensive. Enter Tekto. Their EDC knives are made from stainless steel, and are light and easy to carry, yet strong enough for most tasks. Take a look here some of Tekto's top EDC knives.

The Cutter


A short but sharp knife, the Cutter clocks in at just .22 lbs (100 g), and can easily be wielded via its spring-loaded release. This 1.9 in blade is small enough to fit easily inside a coat or pants pocket. It even has a hole cut out for carry on a key-chain, giving it increased portability.

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The Rapid


The Rapid is always ready to go, just one easy slide away from danger. This 0.7 lb blade features a serrated edge, perfect for quick cuts, not to mention retaining its cutting edge much longer than a smooth blade. The rapid also boasts a hip clip and non-slip handle, decreasing the amount of time needed to spend fidgeting around for your blade.

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The Takt


Looking for a knife that can be both strong and durable, not to mention, fast? Then the Takt is the knife you should be swinging for. Measuring in at just under a pound in weight and a 3.93″ blade length, the Takt is a knife-owner's dream. It comes well designed with a serrated edge, hip clip, and window breaker on the bottom end for any emergency situations. The Takt is a versatile combo of strength and reliability, making it a strong choice for everyday carry.

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The Spry


How do you make a knife twice as cool? You put two cutting edges on it. The Spry is a visual pleasure, but a situational treasure. Along with its double-edge, this knife features a hip clip, window breaker, and supportive grip handle, allowing you to maneuver seamlessly through any treachery. Keep the Spry with you at all times and you'll have nothing to worry about.

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