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Curated Offers: Damascus Knives

Historically, Damascus blades have been integral to the stories of many legends, and it's easy to see why. The legendary steel forms a unique pattern that is easily visible to the eye. Additionally, Damascus is said to be strong enough to cut through a rifle barrel. Whether or not you believe the legend is up to you, but one thing is for sure: a Damascus blade knife is a worthwhile investment. Check out these Damask Co. Fixed Blade Knives that beautifully blend appearance and strength.

Available in a variety of styles, from a curved edge to a double-sided blade, each blade is a work of art. Clocking in at 10 inches in length and just under a pound, these fixed-blade knives feel great in the hand and will hold their edge through whatever test you put them. Each blade features a unique composite handle made from a variety of materials, and comes complete with a sheath for safe storage and carry. And because each blade is hand-made, you can be sure they will be forged properly. They're perfect for your next hunting trip, or just to carry with you as a safety measure.

These practical Damask Co. Fixed Blade Knives are available now for just $97.99, which is a savings of 30% from their original price. A knife like one of these is sure to impress your friends, whether on display or in action.

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