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Dan Brokos, Summit In The Sand Instructor Spotlight


Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical. Brokos will be teaching “Scoped Carbine Engagements.”


RECOIL:  What’s your elevator pitch to people who ask what you do?

BROKOS:  I am a Metallurgist specializing in the teaching and study of LEAD!!


RECOIL:  What is your area of expertise, as it relates to the event?

BROKOS:  Combat Carbine utilization for short to long range, focusing on a variety of positions that can be used. I will be focusing on the use of variable powered optics and how they apply to the combat carbine.



RECOIL:  What's your background and qualifications?

BROKOS:  I am Retired SF SGM with 21 years in the SF community, where shooting and training is a way of life not a job. Previous Team Sergeant, Troop SGM and Company SGM for Direct Action SF Unit. Head trainer for SF Advanced Marksmanship and CQB committee (Range 37) as well as the Company SGM for Range 37).

RECOIL:  What can attendees gain through your instruction?

BROKOS:  Combat carbine positions for short to long range, how to use cover to stabilize shooting platform, and ballistic theory.

RECOIL:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

BROKOS:  From my Dad, “Don’t ever get married, invest in guns instead. Guns last longer than women.” Persistence is the key to success no matter what you are going to do.


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