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Dead Air Announces Kalashnikov Can

RECOIL has learned that Georgia-based Dead Air is making an AK-centric silencer. Keeping the purists happy, this as-yet-unnamed suppressor will aesthetically mimic legacy Soviet devices.

Yes, we've seen something like this before from some other manufacturers. Unfortunately, a few of those companies stayed a little too true to the original old Soviet design. A layout largely consisting of thin and straight baffles will gift the same unexceptional performance you'd expect from a Communist can. However, we're assured that the same level of care is being put into these cans as the rest of the Dead Air suppressor line. Put another way, it should only look Communist.

Here is the old PBS-1 suppressor below the announced Dead Air offering:

It should look right at home on an AK, especially a short one.

Gary Hughes of Dead Air tells us:

At Dead Air we have always loved the AK. We wanted to build a silencer as tough as the gun it was intended for, that was thoroughly modern inside, and optimized for the unique challenges suppressing the Kalashnikov has always presented. We also wanted to keep the classic “Kalash” look, so it would be equally at home on a purists rifle as well as have performance that will make it a must have for some of the more modern takes on the platform.

We're told it will be be compatible with both 7.62×39 and 5.45 and available in common AK thread patterns. With no further specifics, we can safely speculate 14x1LH is on that list and perhaps 24mm, but we have no confirmation at this time. Bonus points to the first person that obtains one and puts it on an SBR'd AR to confuse and annoy people.

More information on this AK can is forthcoming and it will be tentatively released this summer. In the meantime, you can visit Dead Air online here.

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