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Did FN Leak Their Next Pistol At SHOT? | SHOT 2019

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If you have been paying attention to the back of the FN catalog for the last several years, you might have noticed a photo of a grip that you might not recognize.

While some have noticed the easter egg, not many have picked up on the overt hints. On the back of this year's catalog, the 2019 FN leak shows a pistol grip that is obviously not even close to a current model.

Since we have no hard information, all of the speculations we might make about the presumed upcoming gun is mere speculation. We did ask several high ranking FN employees for comment regarding the photo but received repeated “no comment” responses.

Using FN's recent FN 509 releases as a guide to base opinion on, we suspect that the new pistol will be their answer to sub-compact striker fired guns.

Looking closely at the front and back strap, it is reasonably obvious that the texture is the same as the existing FN 509 pistols. Our best guess that FN will be announcing a subcompact sometime this year. The capacity of the upcoming pistol will be is up in the air, but somewhere in the 10 to 12 rounds seems like a reasonable assumption.

There are some other features visible in the teaser photo that support the idea of a sub-compact like the subdued texture on the side panels as well as the lack of interchangeable backstraps.

Anyhow, we are going to have to wait until FN tells us later this year. Since we don't have any photos of the new FN pistol, here are some awesome modified FN 509 Midsize guns done by Agency and Parker Mountian Machine.

The top and front serrations on the Agency built gun were nothing short of on point.


Agency also reprofiled the rear serrations to provide even more grip over the already stellar factory serrations.


As you might expect, Agency fitted a branded backplate to the pistol.


The pistol was stippled in an effort to provide more grip even though the FN 509 has some of the best grip texture on the market.


Parker Mountian Machine took an entirely different approach to milling the top of the slide. Instead of functional, they went for a more decorative pattern that still improves grip.


The slide serrations were left factory, but a compensator was added to a threaded barrel.


The entire pistol and light were coated in a woodland-like paint job.


Overall, the pistol is pretty cool looking.


It is really awesome that FN had modified pistols on display showing what can be done with the new 509 Midsize. We really love seeing manufacturers embrace and support the aftermarket, especially right after the launch of a new model. Find more about FN America on FN's website.

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