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Doc Spears’ “Combat Lifesaver” is live for preorder

Panteao Combat Lifesaver 2Panteao Productions is releasing a new video in the Make Ready series: Make Ready with Doc Spears: Combat Lifesaver. The new video is an introduction to the principles of Tee-Triple C (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), and it looks like it was filmed with some of the other Panteao instructors as “casualties.” The instructor/narrator, Doc John Spears, began his career as an 18D Special Operations Medical Sergeant in 3RD Battalion, 7TH Special Forces Group in Panama. He went on to earn a biochem degree, attend Osteopathic medical school and then to an orthopedic surgical residency. Later he accomplished a spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida. He currently maintains a specialty surgical practice in addition to providing training to LEOs, military and armed, responsible citizens via EAG Tactical.

His last line is especially poignant, at last for me – “Let us never have to say, ‘But for the lack of training.'” Though the preview shows almost LEOs rendering aid (and evacuating casualties) exclusively, hopefully the principles taught will be such that anyone can benefit from them. My guess is it will.

The video is at the replicator right now and is expected to start shipping in less than two weeks. It will be streaming from the Panteao website by next Monday.

Preorder it here.

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