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Monday Morning EDC: 10 Things for Every Day Christmas

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We're going to try something a little different with this post. This is going to be a work in progress, something we try to add to every couple of days. The intention? To give you some Christmas gift ideas that might suit someone else's, desire to improve your EDC (Every Day Carry) loadout. As such, we'll ask that you check back periodically to see if there's anything new, and that includes those of you who don't celebrate Christmas. Winter Solstice, Bodhi Day, Hanukkah, Zartusht-no-diso, Durin's Day, Vermintide — you know, whatever.

So, let's begin, in countdown fashion (and in no particular order):

1. The Blue Force Gear Ten Speed modular pouches and pockets are hands down some of the best, easily concealed EDC accessories out there (even if not listed in the BFG EDC section) — but they've just released a new piece of gear we think will be just as good, maybe even better. It's the Micro Trauma Kit NOW!, or Micro TKN, and it's the smallest IFAK they've built yet.

Blue Force Gear MTK Now -1

Another medical-related gift idea for the holidays. Weird…

It was designed with 2 different attachment/wear methods in mind. There's a Belt Pouch version, with two adjustable hook and loop tabs. this one will fit on everything from the typical daily wear pants to 2 in. duty belts and everything in between (well, maybe not Jethro Clampett's waist-rope, but you get the idea). This version of the Micro TKN can be mounted vertically as well, if you're attaching it to MOLLEminus platforms. It won't work on traditional PALS sized lattices.

Blue Force Gear MTK Now -3

The MOLLE version is for standard MOLLE/PALS platforms, uses Helium Whisper (duh) and is built with what they describe as a “combat tested, high performance laminate” to reduce weight by less than half while equaling or exceeding the capabilities of 1000d Cordura. This one can be attached to some belts, but there will be those it won't fit.

You can pick up a filled kit or an unfilled kit as you prefer. Unfilled will run you $68. Fully stocked will run about triple that.  The stocked shelf version has the following items in it as a standard option:

1) QuickClot Combat Gauze
2) HyFin Vent Chest Seal (2 seals included)
3) Cleer Medical Trauma Bandage 4” Flat Pack
4) Decompression needle
5) Six 2” x9” Frog Tape
6) Size 28 Nasopharyngeal Airway
7) Heavy Duty Medical Gloves in tan (1 pair)

Blue Force Gear MTK Now -2

We're not sure how this compares in size to the RCS MBOK (also a good option), but will try to get a comparison done at SHOT if not before. Get one right here on the BFG website.

You really ought to be carrying one.

PHLster - TQ Flatpack - 4

2. The Flatpack Tourniquet Holder, from SHM-Phlster. Here's a lightweight, easy to conceal, inexpensive way to ensure you have a (windlass) tourniquet near to hand, all day, every day. The Flatpack is built with a plastic backing plate, a pair of polymer coated nylon loops, and an adjustable length of shock cord. You can use the soft loops (installed) to put it on a belt or take 'em off and throw it in the pocket of your jeans or jacket (or both). Malice clips are optional.

This is our second medical gear related gift suggestion. There's a reason for that.

PHLster - TQ Flatpack - 5

Designed and constructed in collaboration with Henry Holsters, the Flatpack is a great way to carry a windlass TQ without bulk (or looking like you have a sex toy in your pocket). These things hold up well and are extremely unobtrusive, probably because the dude behind PHLster is really damn good at what he does (which is why several of us use his stuff).

Pick up a Flatpack here.

PHLster - TQ Flatpack - 3

“Flatpack is the most versatile low-profile carry solution for windlass tourniquets like the NAR CAT and TacMed Solutions SOFTT. Perfect for carry on the belt, in a pocket, in a bag, on MOLLE, or anywhere else that space, size, and access are considerations. They're also great for the shelves of your store. With excellent dealer pricing, rapid fulfillment, and shelf-ready packaging, Flatpack is an excellent value for any serious firearms pro-shop, training center, and police, security, or EMS supplier.” PHLster

PHLster - TQ Flatpack - 2

Picture below courtesy of Lone Star Medics – because you should be training, too.

PHLster - Flatpack

3. The Shadrach from knifemaker Darrel Ralph.


First announced at Blade Show by Soldier Systems Daily, discussed later on and more recently covered in detail in OFFGRID Magazine, (Issue 17 pg 100), the Shadrach is a small survival knife that has a ferrocerium rod for fire-starting tucked away in its 154CM body.


The knife takes its name from the Old Testament Book of Daniel — Shadrach was one of three men who refused to bow to King Nebuchadnezzar, were thrown in a fire, but walked away unharmed. It's 5.25 in. overall length, with a blade of 2.25 in., weighing in at 2.5 oz (3 with belt loop and chain).


The Shadrach was designed in conjunction with Grady Burrell of Master Proven. Burrell is a retired Army veteran and avid outdoorsman who wanted a blade he could easily conceal while providing a survival tool or areas like the wilderness surviving his home in Tok, Alaska.


4. How about a customized Elzetta Modular Flashlight? A good light should be a part of what everyone carries. Why not give 'em on that has their name, moniker, or call-sign on it?


Elzetta has a wide variety of handheld and weapon mounted lights available if the engraved name idea doesn't quite do it for you.

Although it should.


Anyway, they make it pretty easy to choose the exact light you want. You'll start right here by picking a light/body model, then move on to additional choices (LED module vs. high output Automatic Voltage Sensing head,  bezel style, lens type, etc.) until it's put together exactly how you want it. MSRP will vary on what you select.


5. SYG Jeans from Tactical Distributors Inc. (TDI). SYG is the acronym they chose for Stand Your Ground; they're “concealed carry” pants that aren't stupid, and like a whole bunch of stuff on their website they're 30% off today. They're comfortable, functional, well designed, with a total of 10 pockets to carry every sort of EDC necessity and then some. Among those is an internal back pocket mag pouch that will hold your wallet so it doesn't slide down to the bottom part of your ass cheek — which is handy, assuming you don't need that spot for an AR15 magazine. Previously available in a fair range of size, they've recently expanded some of their size options.


Remember,they're not a huge company, so it's not like they could oblige everyone from Tyrion to the Mountain. The expanded size list now includes 32×34, 34×34, 36×34, 42×30, and 42×32. Note that they do still have the MultiCam patch and a Velcro field on them. If that gives you a case of the red ass, don't buy them. Both MC and hook-and-loop fields are all but ubiquitous these days, so as long as you don't blouse your boots and get an operator or III% tattoo on your neck you should be okay.

There are multiple belt loops to help support the weight of loaded magazines or whatever else you're carrying (some people walk around like a mobile flea market) and a good stretch fit so you can wear them with hiking boots or cowboy boots without looking like you're in skinny jeans.  Some of us wore these during the Trails Found 16 event in the Arizona backcountry, and they will take a beating. They've held up very well so far, and we continue to wear them during other events for an extended review.


Seriously folks, lighten up. Are these going to hide you in plain sight from everyone? Nope. Not if they're really switched on, but in that case they're more likely to pick up on your demeanor and body language before your clothes. The vast majority of people will be utterly clueless as that kind of pants you're wearing and what you have in them. Plus, if you wear your shirts untucked (which you'd be doing if you were carrying concealed) there's a good chance some of it will be covered up anyway.  At less than $70 MSRP (below $50 as of this writing with the special) they're worth the price. Learn more or buy a pair right here.

6. Competition Magwell or Carry Magwell for Glock, from KE Arms. Extending or broadening the magwell of a pistol is a widespread practice in competition shooting, but it's becoming increasingly common in duty or defensive guns.


KE Arms of Phoenix, Arizona has a couple of different options if this is something you're interested in. They currently have two styles to choose from, the Competition version and the Carry version. The use of a magwell is intended to speed reloads and to reduce fumbling when conducting that reload. They're easy to install, cost less than a hundred bucks ($89.99 and $69.99 respectively). They'll work with most magazine extensions we've tried so far. Learn more or get one for that special Glock in your life here.


7. The AFAK from Ryker Nylon Gear. Most of us know we should be carrying some sort of medical gear, but few of us actually do it. Here's a way to check that box in a big small convenient, easy to wear way. RNG is a small, vetrepreneur, family-owned business.


Their first product is the Ankle First Aid Kit (AFAK). Built in the USA, in Phoenix, it has its genesis in some one-off (ish) custom gear sewn by RNG's Mike Lendzion for friends working high risk jobs.


The AFAK is built around the theme of carrying a full HALO chest seal, which it does in a long horizontal pocket. It has to additional 4.5 in. vertical pockets for H&H mini-compression seal, Quickclot/Celox, tourniquet (CAT, SWAT-T, TK4-L, SOF-T, etc.), gauze, and gloves. There's another 1.5 in. pocket that accommodates trauma sheers, Klever Kutter, or chest decompression needle.

RNG's AFAK weighs just 2.5 oz.; it's made from 500D Cordura and nylon bonded thread, and comes with an extension piece to allow for the wearing of boots (which is a nice touch). You can also just roll it up and throw it in a range bag if need be. After all, not everyone can afford multiple kits.


This is a great option for the person you think has everything — they probably don't have a med kit with 'em, and even if they do, they likely don't have one of these. Plus, the Ryker Nylon Gear logo has a dog in it, which means they're already a step higher on the food chain that some manufacturers. MSRP on the AFAK is $49.95; you can get one right here.

Find 'em on Facebook, /RykerNylonGearLLC/ or follow 'em on Instagram, @

You can read review's here on the Liberty Training Alliance site, or here on Breach-Bang-Clear.

RykerNylonGear-AFAK-2 RykerNylonGear-AFAK-3 RykerNylonGear-AFAK-4


8. ZT's 0095BW. One of the more recent releases from Zero Tolerance Knives, this particular ZT folding knife is one of those sent to the Arizona backcountry for the #greyghostmafia sponsored Trails Found 16. Like pretty much every ZT knife built ever, it's well designed and solidly built, with S35VN powdered metallurgy steel used for the harpoon style blade and titanium for the handles; added niobium, they say, gives the blade improved toughness over regular S30V, without any loss of wear resistance.


The Ti handle is wide, with contoured chamfers, and the blade is secured with a titanium frame lock and hardeneed lockbar insert. ZT's KVT ball-bearing opener makes deployment slick and easy, while the pocket clip is reversible for both right- or left-handed tip-up carry.

A two-toned pivot provides a slight contrast to the ZT BlackWash finish, giving this particular folder a very nice look, particularly for those of you who may be gay for gray. Follow 'em on Instagram, @ztknives, or on Facebook at /ZTKnives/.

MSRP is $275.


9. This is the Hot Tamale from Mean Gene Leather (@mean_gene_leather). The Hot Tamale is a coin purse, designed to carry your spare change in a zippered coin pouch that hooks over your belt. This also puts it in a place where you can access it quickly, say if you're being accosted in a dark parking lot, and use it as a sap — fill this thing up with coins and it will have what it takes to discourage the unruly or bothersome. The flap of the coin purse folds over to protect the zippered opening, doubling as a belt loop. That flap is also secured by a directional security snap so it doesn't open unintentionally. You don't want to lose your coinage. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.


All Hot Tamales are hand-sewn. They're available in black, brown, antique brown, chocolate, “crazy horse”, and natural leather colors. Zippers and snaps are made of brass, and if you pay attention to the MGL social media there will occasionally be specials like basketweave. MSRP is $34.95; you can pick up one up, should you be so inclined, right here. To see what else MGL makes (and there's lots of it) take a gander at the gallery.


Hot Tamale images courtesy MGL social media.

Now, the intended purpose of this thing is to have your quarters on standby for the soda machine. Should you have to use it in another way, in an emergency, it will work, as this hapless coconut will attest (fast forward to 10:15 to skip the discussion and assorted melons).


Sierra Block 1 images courtesy BCW social media. That's Andrew Reynolds carrying this one.

10. Check out the BravoCo Worldwide (@bravocoworldwide) “War Rug” print Sierra Block 1 pack. Looking for something that doesn't blend in a ninja suspect lineup or the walls of a mud hut? Try this out. The exterior of this pack is designed to look like the woven goods that have been coming out of Afghanistan since the late '70s. The specifics have evolved over time, but the remains constant — while 30 years ago such carpets and blankets were adorned with Mi-24 Hinds, T-62s and MiG-21s, nowadays they feature simple and stylized Merlin HC3s, UH-60 Blackhawks, MRAPs, and F-16s. You can pick up a Sierra Block 1 Pack in War Rug Print online here. Specs are below, to help you make the decision. MSRP $210.



– Dedicated laptop compartment for MacBook Pro 15”
– Internal large mesh organization system
– Tyvek name badges
– Multi functional horizontal/vertical skateboard/compression straps
– Ergonomically shaped shoulder strap with dual density foam
– Load barring shoulder strap adjustments
– Removable chest strap
– Paracord knotted zipper pulls
– Air flow foam (open cell) back padding
– Security pocket on back panel
– Base compression strap system
– Duratuff™ MOLLE mount extension on bottom of bag
– Interchangeable MOLLE strapping system
– Adjusting side pocket
– Easy access center pocket
– Small organization front pocket
– Dual top load pocket
– Large main compartment

– Weatherproof 840 denier Nylon
– 210 denier Oxford Nylon linings
– YKK zippers
– Extra strength Nylon straps
– Duratuff™ compound material
– Tyvek label
– Woven label badging


Check back. There's more coming. A whole lot more, assuming we can get the espresso machine working in the office.



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