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EDC Upgrade Giveaway

Spring is here, and as we're celebrating the best year in gun sales history, we know that means there's plenty of new gun owners out there, which is a very good thing. With new gun owners, that means new gear as well, and so we're here to celebrate with you through a contest we're calling the EDC Upgrade Giveaway.

With prizes including holsters, concealed carry apparel, eye protection, and night sights, Norma has chosen to raise the stakes by topping all of that with some of that sweet, sweet ammunition that is still hard to find.

2021 spring edc upgrade giveaway cover

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, Crucial Concealment, Gatorz Eyewear, Night Fision, and Norma have teamed up with RECOIL to bring you this giveaway. Some of this gear has appeared on RECOIL, such as Arrowhead Tactical Apparrel's Carrier Joggers. Others bring you gear needed to improve your Every Day Carry.

Concealed Carry Upgrade Giveaway volume 1

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You want this. Trust Us.

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  1. Brice K Marshall says:

    I love Recoil!

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  4. Randall Spence says:

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    Always great information and backing of our civil liberties!

  10. A. Santiago says:

    Excited for the opportunity!

  11. Dylan Hansen says:

    Thank you for the opportunity and for the great references of information

  12. Daryl says:

    Great chance to win Great gear

  13. Mike D says:

    I always look forward to reading Recoil’s content. It’s relevant and doesn’t contain fluff information that other gun mags tend to fill their pages with.

  14. Zachary Rumfield says:

    Very informative and I have learned a lot from reading.

  15. MK says:

    Get some

    • Rick Neal says:

      I’d love this, make my cc perfect for sure. Thanks for the chance. Gotta have luck sometime right lol hopefully lol

  16. Frank P Scheidel says:

    Recoil #1.

  17. Steve Poe says:


  18. Jim Pickens says:

    I’ve been reading RECOIL since day one and a current subscriber and I love it glad to hear that you refuse to bow down to Kroger’s and other store chains that practice censorship.

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  20. Susan Tadlock says:

    A great opportunity and valued information.

  21. Danny says:

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  23. Benjamin Edelman says:

    Recoil and companies like it are our only hope against a Tyrannical Government. Please dont give up our rights. I would not be able to post comments like this one in a Tyrannical Country. I could be jailed and fined. Let’s keep all of our freedoms like they are.

  24. Jeffery Moss says:

    You NEED to contact your Representatives and inform them that you want your Constitutional Rights Protected, ESPECIALLY THE 1st and 2nd Amendments

  25. Joshua Burns says:

    Love this magazine but not a fan in the advertising game being played to enter this contest. Write, call and email your representatives regarding your 2A rights! Especially now!!

  26. Chris B. says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a fantastic carry package!

  27. Salvador says:

    Appreciate so much

  28. Frank Hadden says:

    Great equipment…

  29. William Seay says:

    Recoil is one of the good things……..

  30. Steve says:

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  31. James Riley says:

    Can’t afford to buy this stuff recxently be awesome to win some to balance out the ammo costs today.

  32. Dennis R Savage says:


  33. Chet Patterson says:

    Gatorz alone are worth it, had many pairs!!!

  34. jerry gallman says:

    Looking forward to some informative information

  35. Colby says:

    Great content. Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Tate Beckwith says:

    Cmon baby!

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    Good stuff.

  38. Todd Moyers says:

    Good luck yo every one

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  40. Mark Kuntz says:

    Thank You

  41. Dorothy Shanstrom says:

    We need our guns and we must hide them anyway possible from the left with their AGENDA which is meant to kill AMERICA.

  42. Rogelio Rodriguez says:

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  43. Scott K Peterson says:

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    Hope I win.

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