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El P Day 2: EOtech, failure drills and head shots

This will be quick; not too much to write about today (Tuesday) as I'm saving a lot of it for the full AAR. EOtech optics were the main focus of day 2 here at the Remington All Ladies Range Event. Our weapon package for the day was an EOtech EXPS 3-0 Sight with G33 magnifier mounted on Bushmaster O.R.C.s (Optics Ready Carbines). We spent the first half of the day getting zeroed in on the 50 yard line and then worked on a number of failure drills for the remainder of the day at varying distances from the targets. During the day there were some good instructional moments, including Il Ling New (seen below talking about head shots) and Amy Miller explaining the optics package we were shooting.

More to follow.


(Note: feature photo courtesy of Rachel Fry, Galco Gunleather)

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