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El P with Remington and Gunsite Day Three – Tracking Point

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On Day Three of the Remington All Ladies Range Event I had the opportunity to learn about and use a “Precision Guided Firearm” (PGF).  Based on fighter jet technology, PGFs enable shooters of all skill levels to rapidly engage stationary or moving targets.  Here is an example of just how true that previous statement is; one of the photographers hired to shoot this event had very little shooting experience. She got behind the PGF and in less than 1 minute she was hitting targets out to 300yds.  Although we were only shooting to 300yds, the PGF we were using at this event (the XS2)  has the capability to shoot out to 1000yds.   The XS2 consists of a .300 Winchester Magnum, 24” Krieger barrel with an AAC Blackout 90T muzzle brake, Surgeon Rifles long action in an Accuracy International AX chassis system with detachable rails, and Harris bipod with LaRue quick-detach mount.

The PGF has two modes of operation.  In Traditional mode the PGF operates as a standard rifle.  In Advanced mode, all of the extended capabilities are operational – tagging, tracking, guided trigger, and automatic ballistics.  When using the PGF Advanced mode, I could see my target and field of view with a simple display overlaid into the view.  All I had to do was tag my target with a tag button, track the target (my target wasn’t moving, so this wasn’t an issue on this shoot), and then guide my shot on target.  It was that simple.  I literally just lined up the reticle on the “tag” I determined earlier and the shot was fired.   Wind speed was the only manual setting I had to manipulate.  Everything else I would normally need to have configured, including range to target, shot angle, rifle cant, and compass direction was calculated for me.  The platform is enabled with Wifi, and with the use of an iPad, another person can see what I’m seeing through my viewfinder and help me track and tag my targets.

Before I had the opportunity to work with a PGF for myself, I wasn’t too excited about it.  I didn’t fully understand the possibilities behind it.  I initially reacted with the thought of questioning a machine doing my work as I want to want to learn and know how to fully engage targets at long distances with my own skill set.  I wasn’t interested in a ‘technology’ shortcut.  And while I still think this way, what I realized was the potential for this to be a useful teaching tool for new and experienced shooters.   New shooters can have the benefit of another more experienced shooter seeing what they see to be guided through the shooting process.  Experienced shooters can track and record shots for later viewing and critique.  And in addition to the obvious law enforcement and defense applications, what I also appreciated was that it enables “mindful hunting” as it allows a hunter to choose an impact point that is humane and ethical and to successfully get that “mindful” shot every time.

Check out Wendy LaFever from the NRA behind the XS2 with her partner tracking her progress on an Ipad.

Don't forget Iain Harrison’s view while shooting out to 750 yards.


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