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Embrace New Shooters – here is why

“I'm sure you recognize that liberty is trying to creep out the back door. The more people that you talk to, the more people you embrace into this community, the more advocates you have. For all of our liberty and freedoms, but this is a very special one. Why? Because just like the bumper sticker says, it ensures all the rest.”

EJ Owens of Legally Concealed was speaking recently and said some things that resonated with us. So much so that we set aside our typical Monday morning news and EDC posts to put it in front of you. Take a few minutes to watch it (it's work safe).

Embrace New Shooters – here is why

Here's a quick reality check for your priorities, too.

“…good gear will always distract from poor performance. Just sayin'. It's science, look it up. Google it…”

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