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2A Clothing Companies are Being Censored

We've been talking about censorship for some time, and while often the situation may look something like a tech company playing word-games by shutting down pages that could be borderline intentionally misunderstood as selling firearms, in this latest case they've targeted not a firearms manufacturer, but someone who sells clothing. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel is, by all means, American Entrepreneurship. Identifying the danger and discomfort that comes with trying to conceal a self-defense firearm when traveling to and from the gym, they brought their product to life, and to the market, largely through what is now ubiquitous in our lives: social media. Just recently, however, their proverbial legs were cut out from beneath them, and not by old-fashioned competition, but by something more haunting: censorship.

Midday October 20th, Alexander Spanopoulos discovered that he could not log into their company's customer-facing Instagram page. Digging further, it turned out that the page had been disabled, and he immediately began going through the systemic method of appeals, only to be informed that it would be “available for review in 24 hours.”

Hours later, the received a message through Facebook that their Ad Manager was disabled as well, blocking them from reaching interested customers on social media. Not ending there, in a mere hour, their whole Facebook page had been suspended, completely cutting them off from their followers.

For a week inventory began to pile up, along with its costs with no contact from either platform, and no sign of their suspension lifting. If they logged into their ad manager, they would only be greeted with the dystopian vague-ness of a screen once again informing them that they had been “suspected of violating Facebook policy.” That suspicion hanging like Dionysius' blade, on October 29th, a change took place.

Their access to Ad Manager and Business Manager had been restored, but this wasn't even a symbolic victory. Though these applications were accessible, they continue to be useless without the Facebook and Instagram pages to which they are connected. Effectively, they can make ads directing us to their pages, but once there, users are greeted with emptiness.

Here's the problem, though. Such actions by the platforms would be expected, albeit dubiously, if what they sold could loosely be interpreted as a firearm or part. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, however, sells clothing. True, their product like does look like it would appeal more to firearms owners than not, yet that is where it appears so nefarious. When guidelines are open to interpretation, it doesn't take much to see this circumstance and as what looks awfully like profiling.

The product that Arrowhead Tactical Apparel delivers, itself, solves a problem native to our modern world of urban living. A sturdy belt will support a holstered handgun, but the elastic waistband part and parcel to gym clothes? Not so much. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel's Joggers and Gym shorts have a hidden semi-rigid belt that can remains hidden, while allowing for the standard fare of IWB belt clips to securely contain the holster for a consistent draw.

This move by Facebook and Instagram marks an increase in the censorship we all are facing. At this point, it looks like not even clothing companies are safe. However, this should not be a reason to give up hope, for just as we all innovate to overcome the challenges we face, Arrowhead Tactical Apparel shows no sign of giving up.

For a direct line to Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, visit their website at Let them know that we sent you.



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13 responses to “2A Clothing Companies are Being Censored”

  1. John says:

    Dump your social media. Simple as that!
    You need an update on someone, pick up the damn phone..
    This evil stuff will not stop till we stop using them
    Let em have the kids!

  2. Bruce says:

    I wish folks would realize that “Farcebook” is the largest personal-data mining operation in history.

    See also the rest of the same group of companies.

    A whole swathe of small companies and businesses continue to use Farcebook as a “poverty-pack’ platform for their Net presence. NOT a good idea.

  3. Mikial says:

    This is the Liberal vision of America. Control. Complete and unrelenting. That is the Liberal ideal.

  4. StLpro2A says:

    Curious why someone…..a new Zuckerbutt…….doesn’t establish a Constitution and Bill of Rights friendly version of Buttpage???

  5. J0311 says:

    Funny, I purchased the shorts from them after seeing an instagram ad of theirs. They are awesome! After reading this BS I will be purchasing the sweatpants too ASAP. This is crazy, we need our own social platforms where we arent censored

  6. Michael says:

    IT’S NOT CENSORSHIP. It’s a private company and they can and will only allow what they want. This isn’t a 1st ammendment arguement. This is capitalism and the rights of businesses.

    • Ted says:

      Not a chance. They have now been seen for what they are; a liberal mouthpiece that is willing to distort facts, block alternative views and censor anyone they do not agree with. If they are social media, then they must represent all of society.

  7. Max Wedge says:

    I have NO social media accounts with any of these businesses. I refuse to “download the app” and I will resist visiting the website especially if it is required to do business. When I come across something I’m interested in, and the only access the their company is via social media, I will do without their products or services.
    If you are a business owner and you depend solely upon one of these criminal organizations to conduct business then you deserve to be at their mercy. Hire someone to answer the phone. Preferably someone who knows what’s going on.

    • Robbie Taylor says:

      I grew up in the 80s when none of these companies existed and we managed just fine. We need to be more creative and ditch these platforms that not only fail to share our values but actively work against them. Continuing to us their services only serves to support them – something I have long refused to do.

  8. Paul says:

    Is Arrowhead Tactical Apparel still in business? Their website is not reachable as of 2/24/21. First time I heard of them was an email I received today.

  9. Vince says:

    Wise up!
    Why would you use a hostile platform to host your company? How dumb can you get?
    People need to stop crying about the other side and get on with their own stuff – I’m tired of hearing it.

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