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Enter Here! 12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 1 – ATAC Defense Enhanced Rifle Giveaway!

RECOIL 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 1 Atac Defense Enhanced Rifle Giveaway

16 responses to “Enter Here! 12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 1 – ATAC Defense Enhanced Rifle Giveaway!”

  1. Alexander lee says:


  2. David Morehead says:

    I clicked enter was I entered ?

  3. chris liles says:

    awesome love to win merry christmas i entered

  4. david N samples says:

    hooey hooey let’s give this contest a try

  5. Matt says:

    Am I now gonna receive 15 different newsletters?

  6. Arley Bindschadler says:

    I could shoot that puppy like mad . I’m going to win this so everyone else just stop trying .

  7. Dennis Steininger says:

    come to daddy

  8. Justin says:

    Yes please

  9. Glenn Evans says:

    Being unemployed with no money coming in hell yeah that would be a great Christmas present

  10. Chris says:

    Come on!!! I need this in my life!

  11. mike harkins says:

    great chances to win great prt

  12. paul lonsway says:


  13. Peter says:

    Sure would be nice to know how you’re supposed to signup for the giveaway!

  14. erwin joe says:

    is this how we sign up?

  15. Scott Harris says:

    Very nice!

  16. Michael Brandt says:

    make my christmas a great one!

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