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EOtech Ladies Long Range Class: An Inside Look

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Invariably it seems that when a class is advertised as “Women Only” it's basically a Pistol 101 class; ‘this here end is the bang-bang end and this here is the trigger, little lady‘. This is especially the case if the class is free. All to often the idiom is true: You get what you pay for.

But this was decidedly not the case at the free EOtech Ladies Long Range Gas Gun Class held last weekend at CORE Shooting Solutions.


Fourteen women from around the nation joined up with professional shooter and RECOIL contributor Candice Horner to learn the ins and outs of long range shooting, and put their newfound skills to the test. While one may be able to argue gender size or strength disparity in regards to success in weight lifting or rugby–no such barriers exist with long range shooting. Nor is it limited to a certain age bracket (see PRS Kidz in Issue 31 for a great example).

Knowing where to start in a new shooting discipline, especially one that can get as expensive as long range precision, can be daunting. And in nearly every case, training from a subject matter expert isn't going to be where the dollars go first. But as mentioned, this class, ammunition, rifles, lunches, and even lodging was completely free to the students—all they had to do was find a way to get down to Florida. This was made possible because EOtech supplied the optics and covered several associated costs of the class, CORE waived the range fees and provided on-site lodging, Black Hills sent in the bullets, and Daniel Defense ensured rifles were on-hand.

EOtech_LongRange_Class01 EOtech_LongRange_Class08

Horner tells us, “It was important to me for the class to be free to participants because I remember trying to decide how to spend money, and it was always difficult to justify spending money on training. I wanted to eliminate the cost completely so the ladies wouldn’t have to pull cash from a match, ammo, or family fund in order to attend.”

Over the course of the two-day class topics covered included:

  • Nuances of Gas Guns (IE: ARs); muzzle devices, barrels, gas systems, and fitting
  • Familiarization and use of variable power optics; SFP vs FFP, Mils, MOA, mounting, reticles, holdovers, dialing, zeroing, witnessing POI
  • Ballistic Engines and how to use them; Ammunition selection, ballistic coefficient, understanding environmental variables that affect the projectile, and why you must still true your rifle
  • Positional Shooting; supportive devices, types of pressure that can be applied in specific situations, how to make the most out of a position when you can’t use supportive devices [See Candice Horner's piece on the subject in issue 31]
  • Mental Management; reducing stress when the pressure is on

All fourteen participants quickly learned new techniques and immediately employed them by making hits out to 840 yards from awkward positions” Horner says, “The ladies worked in teams and each rotated through roles as spotter, coach, and shooter. Emphasis was put on the fact that spotting will make you a better shooter.

And judging from what we heard directly from the students, they soaked it right up. Niki Clevenger said to RECOIL, “This class was amazing! Candice's laid back teaching style really helped ease a lot of tension and nerves I had.  I no longer feel completely clueless about this game of long range rifle. I am even looking into local PRS and DMR matches where I can test my newly learned skills and knowledge. Candice has lit a fire!

Patricia Grane-Johnson said, “The material was detailed and well presented in a positive and welcoming environment transitioning to hands on practical applications at the range. I am so inspired, excited and confident to get my gear and head out the range.

From the photos, after action reports, student commentary, and having learned what little smidgen of long range shooting that I do know directly from Candice Horner, no doubt I would have learned a ton. Maybe next time after a radical and rigorous surgical procedure.

We don't know when the next free EOtech Ladies Long Range Gas Gun Class will be held, but when we find out we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, peruse the photos from the class below.
















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