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Episode 7 of the “Holster Clinic” is out

Jon Hauptman from PHLster (and PhillyEDC) has an ongoing video series called the Holster Clinic. He just published Episode 7, wherein he discusses the construction attributes and aesthetics of SIK kydex holsters. If you're not familiar with PHLster, they are a custom kydex company based in Philadelpha PA (hence the PhillyEDC name, get it?). While Hauptman is known for a number of things, including his IWB Access holster and his recent Han Solo style “blaster holster” auctioned recently on eBay to support the MARSOC foundation (see below).  One of the things I really like about Jon (I've never actually met the man, nor have I any experience with his holsters) is his “Holster Clinic”.

The Philly EDC Holster Clinic is a relatively recent episodic effort wherein Jon goes over various aspects of holsters sent into him by other custom kydex manufacturers from across the country. I find this interesting (and laudable) in that Hauptman is essentially providing honest, frequently positive, feedback to manufacturers whose holsters no doubt compete with his own PHLster holsters for sales. I also find it interesting because he discusses things that go into how the holster is built rather than how it performs on the range or in the field. For instance, he may discuss how a specific cut in the kydex might absorb flex pressure during normal use vs. routing that stress through to the holster eyelets and thereby risking damage to the holster.

That's a different take for me personally as a review point, as typically I am more concerned with retention, comfort, fit and signature (particularly in a concealed carry situation).

This video series will not be for everyone. The subject material may be too dry if you don't have an interest in kydex work; some of them will be too long – Episode 5, covering Aspis, Genotac and Kirchcomp holsters, is 16 minutes in length. Take a few minutes out and give this one a try though. I got sucked in and watching holster construction videos for over an hour  – you may decide it's worth the watch.

Here is Episode 7 of the Philly EDC Holster Clinic, in which Hauptman looks at a submission from SIK Holsters of Phoenix, AZ.

A SIK Holster:

Find out more about the SIK holsters they discuss here on Facebook or on line here.

The PHLster “Han Solo blaster holser” for a Glock:

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