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Finally Here: The 1,000 Lumen SureFire X300U

There have been rumors swirling since the release of the wide-beam XH35 that surely SureFire could produce the same output wrapped in an X300U package. SureFire followed it up with the XH30, rocking an XH body but with that TIR lens so loved by X300U users.

And now they've done it. No new holsters required. No funky batteries. Same TIR reflector as the X300U, but brighter and better than ever. In fact, there is no immediately visible differentiation between the 1,000 lumen X300U and the now-old-and-busted 600 lumen one. That's because the bodies are the same.

The truth is always in the serial number. All 600-lumen X300U flashlights have a serial number that starts with an ‘A'. The new, brighter X300U will have a serial number that starts with a ‘B'.
New X300U--1,000 Lumens02
[ours has an ‘X' because it was technically an experimental preproduction]

The upgraded juice will come both in the traditional bayonet-mount style of the X300U-A as well as the thumbscrew X300U-B model.

Of course, there are some slight downsides when you're cranking that kind of juice out. Runtime is reduced to 1.25 hours as opposed to the 1.75 hours–we'll opt for the higher lumens ourselves.

New X300U--1,000 Lumens03

Oh yeah, and the price is staying exactly the same. The new and improved X300U officially hits shelves (and on Monday, August 6th.

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