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FIRE MISSION | Ask Dick’s To Donate Rifles To Police Instead Of Destroying Them

We want Dick's to donate rifles to police instead of destroying them.

Dick's is destroying rifles? Yep.

Dick's Sporting Goods announced on Monday that they would be implementing yet another feel-good measure after their last announcement back in February. Dick's stated that they would not sell modern sporting rifles in any of their 700 plus stores and limit sales of firearms to those over 21 years of age effective immediately.

Same story, different day.

The move wasn't much of a surprise since Dick's played the same card back in 2012 as a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Dick's ultimately still sold modern sporting rifles through their new chain of Field & Stream stores contrary to their statement. Dick's did a wonderful job of showing that they have a hard time following through on their promises when there are dollars to be made.

The last statement to come out of Dick's corporate headquarters describes a plan to destroy all unsold firearms that Dick's pulled off the shelves last February.

What a waste.

Alternatively, they could have returned the firearms to the manufacturer, sold them to a liquidator, or even donated them to cash-strapped police departments. If you were wondering, the last option is our personal favorite.

Police Need Better Guns

No officer should have to patrol with his Grandpappy's rifle.

How can you help?

You can reach out to the Dick's Sporting Goods customer service team, in the most respectful way possible, and request that instead of destroying all of these rifles, we want Dick's to donate them to police departments that don't have a patrol rifle program or simply don't have the funds to supply officers with needed equipment.

Find ways to contact Dick's HERE, find their Facebook HERE, or Twitter HERE.

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