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First Look at SureFire’s New Scout Light Pro Weaponlights

SureFire makes some of our favorite flashlights and weapon-mounted lights. And they've just announced a new line of Scout lights — the Scout Light Pro series of weaponlights.

The SureFire Scout lights have long been excellent choices to mount on rifles, as their long cylindrical bodies can provide plenty of power and light output while mounted in-line with the rifle's handguard. An ecosystem of aftermarket accessories developed around the lights, with companies offering heads, bodies, mounts, and switches that are compatible with SureFire's Scout lights.

SureFire's new Scout Light Pro addresses the mounting part of the equation, with their new Low-Profile Mount. The new mount allows you to attach the light as close as possible to your weapon. The mount is directly attached to a hinge on the body of the light. You can rotate the light to position it exactly where you want, then tighten a bolt to secure it in place. The new Pro lights come with both an M-Lok mount and a Picatinny mount.


The lights themselves are otherwise the same as previous models, though the bodies aren't backward compatible. The lights are made of anodized aluminum, with LEDs that can withstand recoil and abuse. Variants that emit both white light and infrared illumination can be quickly switched from one mode to the other by turning the bezel. Scout lights come with a push-button tailcap switch with a shroud to prevent unintentional activations. The new lights are compatible with all existing remote switches, which simply thread onto the body in place of the tailcap.


Pro versions of the compact 3-series and long 6-series lights will be available, with both white-light and white/IR-light heads, plus a dual fuel model. The lights can be had in black or tan colors.

We got a hold of the new M640DF-PRO dual-fuel model and mounted it to our Hawaii 5.56 build in Issue 47 of RECOIL Magazine. The 1,500 lumens of goodness was the same as we're used to with the prior dual-fuel light, so we focused on testing the Low-Profile Mount. The M-Lok mount attached securely to the Aero Precision ATLAS R-ONE handguard. We then pivoted the light body to ride as tightly as possible against the handguard, placing it a hair's-breadth from the front sight. You can see from this front-towards-enemy photo just how closely it tucks in against the handguard. The end result is very low-profile, extremely simple, and excellent for weapon manipulations.

The new SureFire Scout Light Pros will begin shipping in February 2020:


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