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First Look: the CZP10C with Noner and Shin

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Going Hands on the New CZP10C with Shin and Noner

Photographs by Shinnosuke Tanaka

CZ has a new handgun out that is a radical departure from their traditional designs — the CZP10C.

While we have yet to lay eyes or hands on the pistol our good friend and master shooter and photographer, Shinnosuke Tanaka (@gunbaka) has. Shin recently went hands on with the gun alongside Mike “Noner” Pannone of CTT Solutions (@cttsolutions).

Shin tells us the CZP10C is more than just another also-ran polymer framed, striker fired pistol.

New CZ P10C -9mm -7

Ergonomically, the grip angle resembles one of our favorite pistols, the Steyr M9A1. According to Shin, the pistol simply feels right in the hand, just like a typical CZ. This allows it to point naturally. A mild palm swell, deep beavertail and three interchangeable backstraps make the P-10 fit a wide variety of hands. New CZ P10C -9mm -2

The combination of a superb grip angle and the low bore axis CZ has always been known for allows the shooter to snap the pistol back to the target for consistency's sake while shooting.

Consistency begets accuracy.

Says Shin,

“All the controls, magazine catch and slide stop on the CZ P10C are ambidextrous. Their position, size, shape and tension are well thought out. They do not get in the way while shooting, but they are there when you need them.”

New CZ P10C -9mm -13

This may be the single biggest point addressed by the crew at CZ when it came to rethinking the striker fired pistol. We've seen some of this innovation on the S&W M&P, but where the factory M&P notably fails is with the trigger.

CZ appears to have avoided that mistake. The CZP10C's trigger looks well-balanced and straight. As Shin relates,

“The trigger is not exactly ‘light', but it is very controllable with a clean take up and a crisp break. It has a short and positive reset with audible and physical click that makes it ideal for a duty or combat pistol. It is a safe action style trigger mechanism and there is not enough stored energy in the gun to ignite the primer until the shooter pulls the trigger completely rearward. A rotating style automatic firing pin safety makes the lower bore axis possible and it is mechanically stronger than a plunger system under dirty conditions.”

New CZ P10C -9mm -9New CZ P10C -9mm -12

According to CZ, that design feature is intended to minimize creep and stacking. The P10C’s trigger breaks at a clean 4-4.5 lbs and rebounds with a short, positive reset, meaning single shots can be meticulously placed while follow-ups are, if not effortless, then substantially easier to cruder guns.

A generous trigger guard allows use with gloved hands while being undercut to allow as high a grip as possible, and a set of metal tactical 3-dot sights allow for one-handed manipulation of the slide on a duty belt.

New CZ P10C -9mm -5 New CZ P10C -9mm -6

The pistol is built with a cold hammer forged barrel in CZ's fashion. The ‘C’ in the name indicates that it is compact in both frame and slide size, and magazines are of the same family as the hammer-fired P07. This means the P10C holds 15+1 of 9mm in a flush-fitting mag with extended bases allowing up to 17+1. The P10C's takedown will be familiar to most fans of striker-fired guns, and even more pleasing will be holster availability. The P10C is compatible with some of the most common guns on the market.

New CZ P10C -9mm -11

Lastly, Shin points out that the mild texturing is snag-free and will prevent the pistol from printing.

“The frame has more fiber than the Glock frame and gives a much more solid feeling. A wide locking lug on the frame and standing lug on the barrel ensures positive and safe lock up. The P10C is a fast shooting accurate pistol. It has that solid feeling that an all metal gun has in the weight of a polymer pistol.”

We definitely want to try one out. It sure seems that whenever CZ brings something new to the table, it is always done right.

New CZ P10C -9mm -8New CZ P10C -9mm -10New CZ P10C -9mm - 4New CZ P10C -9mm -1New CZ P10C -9mm - 3

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