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First Look: Gun University’s Scope Mount Finding Tool


For years, one of the biggest pains for scoped rifle shooters, whether they’re long range shooters or hunters, was finding the right scope rings and bases that will fit their rifle/scope pairing.

Shooters typically had to find diameter rings of the right height for their rifle and barrel profile and of the right interface for their base, which also needs to fit their particular rifle. Then, they had to search to find where they were in stock and try to find the best price.

Even experienced shooters became frustrated trying to determine which products will fit. 

However, just recently, that problem has been solved.  The guys behind Gun University spent over a year developing a free online tool that will figure this out for you and will find the cheapest prices online automatically.  

All you need to do is go to their free online scope rings tool, select your exact scope, then your rifle, and how you’d like the scope and rifle to interface.  Once that is done, the free scope ring finder tool will list out every ring and base that will absolutely work with your rifle/scope pairing.

Furthermore, it will go through all the online stores and find the cheapest price for each – thus saving time and money. With the list of rings and bases, you can then use filters to choose by weight, height, color, and price.  

So, with the Scope Ring Finder tool, shooters no longer need to research the diameters of their scopes or figure out which bases work with which rifles and all the other caveats that can exist.  Instead, they can simply use this tool and confidently select the right rings and bases, all in under a minute.  

Pairing Scope Rings and Bases 

If perhaps you’re new to mounting a scope to a rifle, then the above might not seem like a big deal.  However, there are a lot of things that you’d need to figure out manually on your own when it comes to the selection of rings and bases for your rifle – all of which the tool does for you. 

Assuming you already have a rifle and have chosen a scope, the first thing you need to figure out is what type of mount you want.  Some are better for hunting, while others are better for precision shooting.  Once you’ve got this, you then need to select a set of scope rings that not only has the exact diameter to fit your scope but also has the right height so that the objective lens of your scope doesn’t touch the rifle when added to the base nor does the ocular lens interfere with the rifle’s bolt.  

Once you have this, you then need to find a base that not only will connect to your specific rifle but will also connect with the rings you have selected.  

But again, these are all things that the scope ring finder figures out so that when you see the list of rings and bases, you know that it will not only work for your pairing but accounts for all the things like contours of that rifle, and other anomalies as well.   

Don’t See Your Rifle or Scope Yet?

Currently, the tool doesn’t have every rifle or scope ever made.  However, the team behind Gun University is adding new rifles and scopes daily to their database, so be sure to check with them. Also, if there is a specific rifle or scope you want to be added, be sure to hit them up on their contact form on the scope ring finder page, and they can move it up on the priority list.  

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