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First Look: MagPul AUG – PMAG 30 AUS

One of our favorite rifles has always been the Steyr AUG. We have come close on a few occasions to snagging one but something always changes our mind at the last minute and usually the reason comes down to a question of magazine availability.














Case in point — in the bad old days just before the Federal Assault Weapon Ban bent the country over for a good pounding, we snagged an Armalite AR-180. It was a great little rifle, but it took a proprietary magazine that all of a sudden was unavailable. For years we scoured gun shows and tried Jam-lines and other less than stellar aftermarket pieces of excrement because we only had a single 30 round magazine. We ended up selling the rifle for a nice profit a few years later because we thought we would be cursed to only owning one magazine and refused to pay 1/4 the price of the rifle for a second one.













So it was with the AUG. You could either buy an aftermarket stock to run STANAG AR magazines or buy as many Steyr mags as you could afford.

Now there is a better way with MagPul!














Let's face it, Steyr's magazines are engineering works of art. It is almost sinful to adapt the rifle to accept AR magazines. MagPul rose to the occasion and decided to make them to the same high standards to which they hold all there other magazines.

If you are familiar with the M3 P-MAG you will like these. They are built with stainless springs, an anti-tilt follower and dual-sided transparent windows to keep track of what's left in the magazine once the shooting starts.














Manufacturer specs:
* Next-generation impact and crush resistant polymer construction
* Designed specifically for Mil-issue Steyr AUG, F88 Austeyr, and F90*
*Modified dimensions provide a slimmer footprint than factory Steyr magazines
*Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
*Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
*Long life USGI-spec stainless steel spring, black-oxide coated (MIL-DTL-13924D)
*Anti-glare translucent MagLevel windows on both sides of the body along with a painted indicator on the spring allows for easy determination of rounds remaining from 1 to 30
*Over-travel insertion stop on the spine
*Ribbed gripping surface and aggressive front and rear texture for positive magazine handling
*Paint pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body to allow for identification marking
*Flared floorplate aids magazine handling and disassembly yet is slim enough for use with many mag pouches

Of course, now the AUG is back in our minds as our next rifle purchase!

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