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Bullet Points: Five AR-15s guaranteed to not give you PTSD

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A recent Daily News “article” penned by the aptly named Gersh Kuntzman (you really can't make this stuff up) described shooting an AR-15 as loud, horrifying and something that “gave [him] a temporary form of PTSD.” As he described the horrific event, “For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.”

We don't want you to get PTSD, so we're going to review some rifles we've covered in the past — safe blasters, mind you, so you aren't traumatized by a day at the range.

Here are five AR-15s guaranteed to not give you PTSD when you shoot them:

1. JP Rifles/5.11 Always Be Ready Carbine

Maybe it was our first exposure to Key-Mod or that Grey Cerakote or just the whole lotta love that JP puts into their rifle builds but the 5.11 Always Be Ready Carbine proved to be a fast favorite with us a few years back.



Mounting a Steiner optic never hurts, either. Except maybe in the wallet.


After what has been close to three decades of shooting, building, repairing, buying and selling M16s and AR-15s in every configuration under the sun; the JP rifle made us fall in love with the platform all over again.


Seriously, we were straying toward bull-pups and other distractions, but this AR brought us back from the brink. Oh yeah, and no PTSD, either.

2. Agency Arms Classified

So this is the only one on our list that we have not fired, but we got to play with one courtesy of the Agency guys at SHOT 2016. The build components made us smile, this was a rifle built for shooting and we are sure that Agency will get one in our hands one of these days.


Just look at the machining on the outside! The insides are even better though.


Read our initial impressions here.

BC Reveal-4364 TF

3. Cobalt Kinetics BAMF

All right will drop one more that may give some stress to your wallet: the BAMF by Cobalt Kinetics. We did a review earlier this year.


Speaking of “drop”, they call this feature the “panty dropper” because the empty mag falls out when the last round is fired.


Apart from that it is just a dead-sexy looking rifle.


Cobalt Kinetics Evolve cobalt2 cobalt3 cobalt4 cobalt1

Price tag is hovering at about $3K.

4. FNH 1776

Ok, one of our go-to brands is FNH. They make the bulk of the rifles for our military and give you the same quality components in a more reasonable price.


David Reeder took a look at the FNH 1776 last year, priced at a very reasonable $800, it's a lot of gun for the money.

5. Armalite M-15

lucid m15

Another one we really recommend is Armalite's M-15.

They literally put the AR in AR-15 and if the past few weeks online taught you anything you must have seen that meme or social media post.

Still stressed?

Whether you go with an entry level carbine like a DPMS, Stag or a Frankengun; we highly doubt you will suffer the deliberating effects that Mr Kuntzman described. We will concede that an AR can be loud, so we always reccomend shooting with a suppressor or silencer if you have the means and opportunity.

Check out our good friends at Silencer Shop for a host of suppressors suitable for your rifle and we guarantee you will find one to fit your budget.

These guys can not only get you the correct can, but can help you find the proper mount and they even carry Gemtech's amazing suppressed bolt carrier.


At $225 you get a damn good solution for eliminating the hot gas from a suppressed AR getting blown into your face.

We came to the conclusion early on that the Daily News was just publishing another unjustified hit piece on our industry and our people. Yellow journalism is alive and well in the ivory towers of the elitist left. Maybe those people don't get out enough to enjoy life and prefer to sit like frightened little parakeets on their safe little perches.

In the interest of full disclosure, the author once worked for the Daily News very early in our career at the age of 10 delivering that paper door to door in our old neighborhood in New York City, so we don't think it was  workplace stress that Kuntzman was griping about. Then again, we moved on from that career by the time we hit high school, so maybe that's his problem.

Shooting relieves stress and the only time shooting under stress should occur is in a fight for your life, something these elitists truly know nothing about.

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