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FRAMM Adjustable Weapon Stock

While at SOFIC, we were able to check out the FRAMM. Made by BCB International, the FRAMM is an adjustable weapon stock intended to accommodate the use of a ballistic helmet with the visor down.

FRAMM stock

This foldable stock is compatible with the following firearms:

  • FN Herstal-SCAR
  • Beretta-ARX 160
  • HK-G36
  • Remington-ACR
  • Sig Sauer-550/551…
  • HK-UMP
  • HK-MP5 A2
  • B&T-40×46
  • Cz-805 A1 BREN
  • B&T-APC556

BCB stock 1

BCB stock 4

Adjusting between any of the nine positions is as simple as pressing a button to release the locked position of the stock. A rubber non-slip pad provides stable and comfortable shouldering of the stock.

BCB stock 3

FRAMM specs:

Weight: 14 oz
Length: 8.3 inches
Deployed height drop: 9.8 inches

BCB stock 5

BCB stock 6

BCB stock 7

The FRAMM was released to the US market this year at SHOT Show. In a press release for its US debut, the company said:

BCB International’s International Sales Officer, Paul Ames, said:  “The FRAMM® is good news for security professionals, airsofters and rifle enthusiasts.  It is compatible with most in service firearms. Its rubberized non-slip stock pad maximizes comfort and firing stability.  It also offers nine position settings to conform to any body and ballistic visor shapes.  The FRAMM® is the stock for all firing positions.”

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