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Franklin Armory’s new offerings for 2020

In addition to their new binary trigger for the new Ruger 10/22, Franklin Armory debuted a few new firearms and accessories at the 2020 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, NV.

These offerings include a factory rifle with an installed BFS III binary trigger, a Reformation upper receiver and four firearms chambered in 350 Legend including state-specific models for California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and other restrictive jurisdictions.


Franklin Armory BFSIII M4

For the budget-minded shooter who wants an AR with a factory installed binary trigger, Franklin Armory announced the BFS III M4. This is a 16″ barreled carbine with an A2 pistol grip, CAR-style butt stock, full-length MLOK hand guard and of course the BFS III binary trigger.

Installing and timing a BFS III trigger can be difficult with the myriad of lower receivers on the market, so Franklin Armory took out the heavy lifting and installed these in one of their very own carbines.

MSRP is supposed to be close to $1,000 for the complete rifle.

350 Legend

Franklin introduced 4 firearms chambered in the new 350 Legend caliber that debuted last year at SHOT Show.

350 Legend was designed for use in a number of American states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges. It has the same rim diameter as a 5.56 case (0.378″) so it can use the same bolt. Rounds will fit in a modified AR magazine.

The four firearms available will be the M4-HTF, a 16″ carbine; XO-26 R3 Firearm with SBA3 brace, a 12″ pistol with a brace; BFSIII Equipped XO-26 R3, the previous mentioned firearm with a factory-installed BFSII binary trigger and Franklin Armory's CA12, a California DOJ approved 12” pistol with a detachable magazine and vertical fore grip that is essentially a bolt-action as it lacks a gas system.

Franklin Armory 350 Legend

MSRP: M4-HTF $1199.99; XO-26 R3 $1299.99; BFSIII Equipped XO-26 R3 $1439.99; CA12 $1059.99

Reformation RS11 upper receiver

Franklin Armory Reformation

Two years ago, we broke the news about Franklin Armory's Reformation, a short-barreled firearm that skirted NFA regulations because it made use of straight cut lands and grooves. It was not a rifle and not a shotgun under the NFA; it was simply a firearm and much more accurate than the claims you hear from people who have never fired one.

Now you can build your own 11.5” barrel, non-NFA, no stamp required, home defense firearm.

Reformation RS11 upper receiver

However, until the ATF comes up with a classification for the Reformation, it cannot be taken across state lines or transferred via an FFL. Apparently, the Reformation is considered a shotgun under the GCA of 68. If you were one of the thousands of folks chanting on social media that you wanted “to just buy the upper”, now is your chance.

MSRP: $584.49

For more information check out Franklin Armory.

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