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From Singapore with Love: Ultimax 100 Mk8 LMG, SAR-21 Bullpup

Traditionally the Monday before SHOT Show, Media Day at the Range offers a chance for companies to get their grubbies on some new guns and actually put some rounds downrange. And certainly there were a ton of companies showing off their wares. But one that truly stood out from the crowd was ST Engineering, a defense and engineering corporation located in Singapore.

While ST Engineering makes products spanning nearly the entire defense industry covering land, water, and cyber, they took the opportunity to show off their Ultimax 100 Mk8 5.56mm machinegun, and their SAR-21 bullpup.

The SAR-21 has been the issued rifle for Singapore ground forces since 2000 when it replaced the much-maligned SR-88 rifle. It's currently in use by more than a half-dozen nations.

The selector is a simple cross-bolt type conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard. It does have ab adjustable gas system tn order to accommodate silencer use. Using proprietary magazines (some export models accept STANAG magazines), they are released with a paddle like a Kalashnikov, though since it's a bullpup it's up in your armpit.

Something which we really found strange ergonomically was that the selector in order to swap from full-auto to semi and the reverse is located towards the rear of the weapon.

The SAR-21 is available with an integral optic and ambidextrous charging handle, or can be had with a standard Picatinny flattop.

But the star? That has to go to the Ultimax 100 Mk8 LMG. This open-bolt automatic rifle feeds from standard STANAG magazines, though can be configured for SAR-21 mags as well. In order to load the rifle, the magazine must be carefully inserted into the rifle with the use of a guide; a magwell would really help here.

Disclosing the automatic-nature of the Ultimax, the ambidextrous selector is configured as safe-auto-semi.

The rate of fire is particularly slow for a 5.56mm automatic, ranging from 400-600RPM, allowing for excellent control during longer bursts. At just a touch over 11lbs loaded and with a folding stock, the Ultimax should be easy to transport.

For sale in the United States? Maybe to some LEO agencies who want something “because different” but we don't believe we'll see these on the shelves of gun stores anytime soon. Bummer.

You can feast your eyes here.

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