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G2 Research Releases “Civic Duty” Ammunition

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G2 Research, the company that produced the RIP round, is back with something new. They call it “Civic Duty” ammunition, and here’s what they have to say about it:

The Civic Duty bullet is a solid copper, CNC-machined bullet that upon entering the target immediately begins expansion as a large hollow point. At initial contact, six large petals of the jacket peel back to create a fight-stopping wound. Unlike conventional hollow point bullets – which may not expand reliably due to clothing filling up the hollow point, the Civic Duty will indeed reliably open up because of its peeling petal design.

The Civic Duty round is currently available in 9mm and a .45ACP round will be on the market in the near future. The Civic Duty round is designed to function exceptionally well at lower velocities (.45 ACP) and at higher velocities (such as the 9mm at 1,230+ fps).

Another thing: The lighter bullet weight greatly reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip, making for faster and more accurate follow up shots-if necessary.

Priced at $41.99 for a box of 20, this is no low-cost plinking round. Then again, low-cost rounds are not made on CNC machines. The Civic Duty round is designed to stop a fight quickly and sometimes you must ask yourself: “Is my life worth two bucks a shot?”


We’ve yet to see any proper ballistic testing of this ammunition (on their webpage G2 Research says 9-10″ of penetration, which is less than the FBI recommended minimum), but we did come across this video from GY6vids on Youtube shooting full auto into a gelatin torso.

G2 Research also included this in their presser:

Note: The Civic Duty round is a self-defense round for use against immediate threats -where you can actually see and identify the attacker.

To learn more about the G2 Research “Civic Duty” ammunition, head on over to their homepage here or give them a follow on Facebook.

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