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Monday Morning Carry: Gear for a Glock 19

What does living in a free state mean? It means now I can carry more than 10-round magazines. Unfortunately, the .40 S&W USP Compact that I relied on in California since the ‘90s has a max capacity of only 12 rounds. The logical next step was picking a gun that was compact and with a larger magazine capacity. I chose the Glock 19 due to the compact size, wide availability of aftermarket parts and accessories, and the ease with which I could work on it.

Monday Morning Carry 9

Monday Morning Carry: Gear for a Glock 19

Tango Down/ Vickers Tactical is a well-known brand that I went to for a few upgrade parts. I’ve added their Extended Slide Stop, Extended Magazine Release, Magazine Floor Plates, and their brand new Slide Racker. The Slide Racker replaces the striker retention plate and is made of a glass-reinforced nylon with steel reinforcements, which is the same as the OEM part. If you’re familiar with the VP9, the Slide Racker gives the Glock the same additional grabbing point for racking the slide. The next upgrades will be sights and maybe the trigger.

With the transition to the Glock, I needed new gear to for my Every Day Carry. This included holsters, magazine carriers, and even lights.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 1. Casual Day.

Monday Morning EDC 6

Summers in Florida dictate thin layers and shorts for casual wardrobe. With this in mind, I knew I had to carry IWB with a low profile light to keep from printing. The 200 lumen Surefire XC1 light fit the bill with an extremely low footprint that doesn’t extend past the muzzle. To carry the Glock, I went with the Off the Grid Concepts Adaptive Draw Rig Mk VII kydex holster in grey. The ADR is very thin and comfortable worn either AIWB or strong side IWB. The matching magazine carrier fits snugly against the body. To supplement the XC1, I also carry a Surefire Centurion flashlight. To carry all of this, I wear a Flagrant Beard 1.5” stitched belt, which is made with a full-grain 12/13 oz., 1/8” thick leather. Continuing the low-profile theme, the Kershaw Ken Onion Scallion 1620RD assisted folding knife with 2.25” blade gets clipped to my pocket while I keep a Greg Stevens Design Slim(mer) Wallet V2 in my pocket. Of course, a pair of Oakley Slivers in Matte Brown Tortoise rounds out the ensemble.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 2. Business Casual.

Monday Morning EDC 4

Since most of us can’t lounge at the beach all day, we do on occasion need to dress a little nicer for business. When meeting new clients, impressions are everything, so I’ll step it up a bit. First that requires a Flagrant Beard 1.5” Blackout belt, in a plain black 1/8” thick full-grain leather and black anodized buckle for a clean appearance. Tucked into my waistband is the new Raven Concealment Vanguard 3 for the 800 lumen Streamlight TLR-1HL. Because the holster is fitted to the light, it is compatible with a wide variety of pistols, while still protecting the trigger, including my Glock 19 and USP-C. Using two CR-123 batteries, the TLR-1HL is plenty bright, with momentary-on, strobe, and constant-on functions. Once again, the Greg Stevens Design Slim(mer) V2 wallet carries the essentials, and the car keys go on the GSD Mil-Style Key Fob. The Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses with Prism lenses add a little bit of functional style to the look.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 3. Range Day.

Work hard, play hard. On days where I plan on hitting the range, I’ll don a pair of cargos with a Tactical Tailor 1.75” rigger’s belt. Since concealment is less of an issue, I’ll strap on an Off the Grid Concepts Nocturnal Sidewinder to holster the Glock 19/ TLR-1HL combo. Still slim and concealable, I find it more comfortable than an IWB holster for extended wear. OTG offers a holster/magazine carrier combo that can save you a few coins if you want a matching set. Of course, shit happens, so I’ll carry a Multitasker Series 3 in a Tareinco MT3-XTRA pouch. Eye protection is provided by a pair of Oakley Straight Jackets with polarized lenses.

Monday Morning EDC 1

What do you carry — when and why?

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