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Gear Head Works One Bolt Action Pistol

One of the wildest and crazy-like-a-fox new guns at TriggrCon 2018 is the Gear Head Works One pistol. Springing from the imaginative mind of the company's founder, Paul Reavis, the One is a .300BLK bolt-action pistol based on a Remington 700 action.


Yes, that's right. And yes, these are the guys who make the compact and rigid Tailhook pistol brace. As the story goes, Reavis has a history of dreaming up and constructing unique builds for his own pleasure. A number of years ago, he got a hold of a virgin Remington Model 7 action, which had yet to be built into a rifle. As you may know, per federal regulations, such a receiver can be built into a pistol or rifle at that point. So he decided to build a pistol for himself with it, creating a super compact suppressed weapon that fits in a backpack. After numerous iterations, range trips, and even a hog hunt, he needed another gun to demonstrate his Tailhook pistol brace at his booth at the SHOT Show. People were so enamored with the little bolt gun that Gear Head Works decided to put it into production, naming it the One.


The gun's chambered in 300BLK, perfect to lob subsonic rounds through a can downrange. The barrel is just under 9 inches.  The chassis is a heavily modified aluminum MDT LSS and accepts AI mags (shown here with a 10 rounder). The pistol brace is a Tailhook Mod 1, with a hollowed out, side-folding tube to clear the bolt handle when folded. The top Picatinny rail has a 20MOA angle to help with the mortar-like trajectory. As seen here, Reavis has a compact low power variable optic on the gun, trying to keep it as low as possible to maintain a good cheek weld on the brace without needing a riser.


Anticipated to be available in the fourth quarter of 2018, the Gear Head Works One pistol should be priced under $2,000. It'll be offered in a solid color, with camouflage as an upgrade. It'll come with a standard pistol grip, not the carbon fiber Venom Defense grip seen here. Gear Head Works is also considering other caliber choices as well.

If you're in the Seattle area, TriggrCon is open to the public this weekend, 28-29 July 2018. It's free, with a premium package also available. Check out the TriggrCon site for more information.


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