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Gearhead Works – Accessories for Bullpup Lovers

Like the Tavor or AUG? Take a minute to check out Gearhead Works of Murfreesboro, TN. While they're not solely dedicated to bullpup designs they've definitely started to fill in that niche. They offer a low profile charging handle for the Steyr Aug, a QD AUG Swing Swivel (the Razorback), an improved Aug front sling swivel, a modular Tavor forearm, a limited rotation Tavor QD sling socket (the FLEx Swivel), a universal side accessory mounting system…frankly they have a lot of things worth looking at.

Gearhead Works Universal Side AccessoryTake the USA (Universal Side Accessory). This was developed as an improved accessory mounting system for bullpups to mitigate the decreased real estate their short barrels provide. GHW advises their mounts have a “…return to zero design that locks up tight with multiple recoil lug managements to withstand severe punishment.” In addition to a laser USA there are BUIS, Scout light and sling swivel QD cup mounts on the way.

Here's a full length GHW Razorback rail system on an 18 in. Tavor with a GHW Scout TMF (Tavor Modular Forearm) with ACOG as primary optic and Aimpoint Micro on the angled USA mount for CQB.

Gearhead Works Universal Side Accessory2

Here's a look at the AUG FLEx (Fulcrum Located Extra) swivel. The FLEx features a limited rotation QD sling socket that can be mounted to the front or rear, for single- or 2-point sling use.

Gearhead Works Aug FLEx swivelSays Gearhead Works,

“The factory cover leaves a gap allowing gasses from firing to escape and be directed right into the shooter's face. The problem is even worse when shooting suppressed. The FLEx seals off the gaps and prevents this from happening, resulting in a much more pleasant shooting experience.”

The FLEx is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and hard anodized.

There are many more interesting products from Gearhead Works online here and on Facebook here. It's definitely worth checking out, but be forewarned the website navigation can be a little confusing. Oh, and keep an eye out for M-LOK stuff inbound.

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