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Gemtech Abyss Series – High Durability, Low Backpressure

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Suppressor technology has come a long way over the last decade, and these days, shooters expect more out of the cans they spend their hard-earned money on. It's not enough for a can to just be quiet, it also needs to be compact, lightweight, durable, and capable of minimizing the backpressure.

That last point is especially critical, since more and more suppressor buyers have realized how unpleasant it is to get a face full of gas with every trigger press. As one of the OGs of the suppressor industry, Gemtech has been working hard to achieve a balance between each of these variables with its latest models, such as the Gemtech Abyss series.

Gemtech brought both variants of the Abyss suppressor — 5.56 and 7.62 — to our CANCON Georgia fully-suppressed range day, allowing the general public to experience them firsthand. The Abyss 5.56 has been on the market for a little while, but the 7.62 model only launched recently. The former is designed for 5.56 NATO, 6mm ARC, and 5.7x28mm; the latter is rated for calibers all the way up to .300 Win Mag.

Each version of the Abyss includes everything you'll need to mount and use it on your favorite rifle: muzzle device, mounting shims, wrenches, and a Gemtech-branded nylon protective case.

Both the Gemtech Abyss 5.56 and Abyss 7.62 are compatible with 1.375-24 Hub mounts, which are rapidly becoming an industry standard among many suppressor manufacturers, as well as Gemtech's Elite Taper Mount (ETM) quick-detach mount (included).

Gemtech describes the Abyss as a hard-use, full-auto-rated suppressor. Its 6AL4V titanium construction is said to use thicker walls than many of its competitors for enhanced durability, but the weight doesn't necessarily reflect that — 14.5 ounces for the Abyss 5.56 and 16.3 for the Abyss 7.62. This is also a low-backpressure design, pushing less gas back through the charging handle and ejection port.

Like many CANCON attendees, I tried the Abyss 5.56 on what might be its best possible pairing: an AR-15 with Gemtech's GVAC 16-inch upper receiver.

The GVAC is specifically designed for use with Gemtech's suppressors, featuring a pre-installed ETM muzzle device and a unique barrel profile that shifts the rifle's center of gravity rearward to compensate for the forward-mounted weight of a suppressor. It also has Gemtech's patented “self-regulating” gas block that includes a special expansion chamber to decrease blowback and soften recoil. You can see an animation of how it works in the video below.

Combined with the GVAC upper, the Gemtech Abyss was surprisingly smooth and comfortable to shoot. It didn't give off the typical nose-hair-burning, eye-watering gas that's characteristic of many older suppressor designs.

For more information on the new Gemtech Abyss series of suppressors and GVAC upper receiver, go to

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