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Gemtech Integra 15-22 Integrally Suppressed 22LR Upper

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Gemtech recently announced the Integra 15-22, an integrally suppressed upper for the Smith & Wesson MP-15/22 rifle. Like its integral predecessor, the Gemtech MIST-22, the barrel is longer than 16-inches allowing for the benefits of an SBR + silencer without paying for two separate tax stamps. [Read about the Gemtech MIST-22 in our Family Rifle article]

Integra 15-22 assembled
Unlike the MIST-22, the Integra 15-22 is more than a barrel replacement but a complete upper–likely because swapping a barrel on an M&P 15/22 is considerably more difficult than on a Ruger 10/22. The rifled portion of the Integra 15-22 is 10-inches long with a 7.5-inch Gemtech G-Core monocore inside. Though we don't have hands-on [yet], due to the lack of a wrench attachment on the endcap we presume the monocore is permanently attached to the barrel ala' MIST-22 and the outer sleeve is removed for service. This is a different approach than Gemtech took with their Integra 5.56, which features a permanent sleeve and a silencer core that physically rotates out.

Integra 15-22

Because the barrel length is increased we'd like to have seen a slightly longer handguard with the Integra 15-22, but with a barrel nut adapter any AR handguard you'd like is just a vice and wrench away.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Did you hear that? One of the quietest 22LR platforms was just launched last week. The Gemtech® Integra® 15-22 integrally suppressed upper receiver has pushed the Smith & Wesson® M&P®15-22 platform to ultra-quiet levels. No modifications needed! Just simply remove the upper-receiver and replace it with the Gemtech Integra 15-22 integrally suppressed upper receiver. The overall length will only increase by 1.5” because of the integrally suppressed barrel. There is no need for confusing threads or quick detach systems. Pull the pins, replace the upper and you are good to go!

You may be asking yourself: ‘Why would I need a quieter 22?’

The answer is found in the experience. The Gemtech Integra 15-22 integrally suppressed upper receiver gives better sound reduction through greater internal volume. Integra 15-22 has 7.5” suppressor vs @5” muzzle mounted suppressor. Size does matter. The platform has a shorter barrel overall. A 17.5” barrel vs. standard 21” barrel + suppressor. You will also never need to worry about the system loosening up because the suppressor is permanently attached.

Due to a permanently attached core, the barrel overall length is 17.5”. Only 1 tax stamp required. No SBR tax stamp necessary.

When are you going to get your Gemtech Integra 15-22 integrally suppressed upper receiver?

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