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Gerber Gear’s new “Impromptu” Tactical Pen

Remember in The Bourne Identity when the assassin Castel (played by Nicky Naudé) brought a knife to a ballpoint pen fight? That duel would have ended much more quickly if Jason Bourne had been in possession of a proper tactical pen.

This is the Impromptu Tactical Pen from Gerber Gear. It's made in the USA of machined steel with a Cerakote finish and features a “Rite-in-the-Rain” ballpoint pen cartridge. Rite-in-the-Rain (RitR, if you've never used it, is good stuff; their pens will literally function submerged. My first one lasted nearly two years in every type of weather before I lost it working a vehicle accident. That utilitarian reliability combined with Gerber's construction is certainly promising.

The Impromptu uses a push button function to “deploy”, features an integrated tool steel tip designed to break glass and, to secure it, a stainless steel pocket clip. Overall length is 5.59″ open, 5″ closed and it weighs 1.02 oz. Currently it is available in black ink only though there may be others in the future. Note that the steel in the tip is the same stuff they use in their multi-tools.

“When Noah [CIA Blackbriar supervisor Noah Vosen] asked us to develop something for the Blackbriar guys to use,” says Gerber Gear's Andrew Gritzbaugh, “we knew its might be used for anything from writing a pen-pal to toppling a third world dictator. It was clear we'd have to develop and manufacture something extraordinary. The Impromptu is the result of that effort.”

That's not actually what he said. What really said was, “The Impromptu Tactical Pen is designed to fit easily into your daily routine. Sleek, ergonomic and just the right size, you can take the Impromptu anywhere you go…A tactical pen is a great tool to have on you at all times, especially in the field.”

In all seriousness, I like the concept of a “tactical pen”, particularly for carry in those places where a knife might make you persona non gratis. It can be expensive, true, but if you can afford it there's no arguing its value  as a contingency tool for some activities and job descriptions (certainly for those in that niche, and I believe also for the everyman's EDC).

Here is a quick demonstration of how Rite-in-the-Rain works. Below is the official Gerber Gear video about the Impromptu.

The Impromptu retails for $62, though I have seen them on other sites for as much as 25% less than that. The Impromptu carries the Gerber products' lifetime warranty and can be reloaded when run dry. (Note: refills will not be available from Gerber directly, but they have a common retail presence, including military exchanges and Clothing Sales. They'll also be available directly from RitR.) Purchase yours directly from Gerber Gear here.

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