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Urban Survival Training

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Get your learn on at GORUCK's urban survival training event in Indy

Looking for a way to add vital urban survival skills to your repertoire? If you're in the Midwest, you may want to consider attending GORUCK's training event in Indianapolis this coming D-Day weekend. We've attended GORUCK training in the past, and can vouch that it's top quality and offers great value for money.

Urban survival skills

Treating casualties in an austere environment is just one of the items on the menu at GORUCK's urban survival event in Indy

In this 3 day course, you can pick and choose which days to attend (or hit all three), and collect hands-on insight from a cadre of former SF dudes on subjects such as immediate first aid, clandestine movement, defeating locks, escape from restraints and getting the hell out of Dodge. There's also a force on force day, where you can collect an impressive collection of bruises from Simunitions rounds while working on your gunfighting skills in a range of scenarios.

Interested? We thought you would be. The weekend kicks off on Friday, June 5th, with a deep dive into bleeding control, where students will be able to get practice in the application of tourniquets and wound packing in a simulated mass casualty event. Saturday's activities  center around helping out your family and immediate neighbors in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster, and goes through a series of urban survival ‘what ifs'. For example, say you're trapped in your office building after an earthquake, how are you going to get out?

lock picks for urban survival

Knowing how to use a set of lock picks can mean the difference between escaping a building or staring at a door, wishing it would open

The GORUCK team will teach how to defeat or bypass locks, use ropes, climb fences and ahem, acquire a vehicle to escape the immediate vicinity. Sunday will see students get jocked up and go to war with each other, as they attempt to blast opponents in the face with Simuntion Glock 17s Because nothing reinforces good techniques like seeing someone being peppered with sims rounds. 

Simuntions marking rounds injury

Simunitions rounds provide instant feedback about your tactics. Or lack thereof.

If all this sounds like a worthwhile use of your spare time, then you may wish to sign up at the GORUCK site.

RECOIL staff will be attending to document the whole event, so if you can't make it, at least you'll be able to read about it here, or see it on RECOILTV.

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