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#getyourslingon. Win a Limited-Edition Vickers Sling™ With Your RECOIL Issue 28 Killer Clown Target!

Photos by Lloyd Wainscott and Jorge Nuñez

On page 130 of RECOIL Issue 28, you may have noticed our “killer clown” target sandwiched in an article that delves into the development of one of the hottest pieces of gear on the market — the Vickers Sling™. Take a minute and read it over to learn about the history of this amazing piece of kit. Blue Force Gear‘s collaboration with Larry Vickers helped reinvent the world of slings, so we thought it’d be fun to test your shooting skills with and without a sling to help try and prove a point to see how you do.

Check out Larry in action using the Vickers Sling™ here:

Not only do you have a chance to show off your shooting performance (or at least your self-deprecating sense of humor), but you can win some free swag doing it! Simply peel the target out of the issue, follow the shooting-drill instructions on the bottom of the target, and post a photo or video of your blasted-up Blue Force Gear killer clown target on Facebook and/or Instagram using both hashtags #getyourslingon and #recoiltarget.

You must use both hashtags together to qualify. The top 5 Facebook and top 5 Instagram posts with the most likes will be entered for a chance to win one of 10 numbered and limited-edition Vickers Slings™ that also have the RECOIL logo! You also stand to win other Blue Force Gear prizes such as a Jedburgh Pack, T-shirt, cap, and various other goodies. The contest starts Friday, 11/11/2016 and entry posts will be accepted no later than Friday, 1/6/2017. After that, winners will be selected and contacted.

The image or video you post should show both you and the target. Get creative with it. Pose with your target somewhere we’d least expect to see it (and be sure you obey your local laws doing it). If you don’t have a copy of Issue 28, you can also go here to download a copy of it and participate in the drawing.

All RECOIL targets are always available to download the original version we actually send to the printers ourselves. Check out any of our previous issue’s targets by clicking on the gallery and download the one of your choice. The other issue’s targets are not applicable to the Blue Force Gear #getyourslingon drawing, however.

Here are the drills for the killer clown target that were inspired by Larry Vickers himself:

Drill 1

1. Set up your target at a distance of 25 yards (or 15 yards as Larry mentions in the video above). Load 15 rounds into your magazine.

2. Engage the top bullseye — with your rifle unslung, attempt three five-shot groups in the following positions: standing, kneeling, and prone

3. Score the target with each shot being worth up to 10 points. If a shot lands on a line, give yourself the higher score. Maximum score possible is 150 points (i.e. 15 times 10).

Drill 2

1. Repeat the same drill with a second bullseye using the sling as a support. Specifically, adjust the closed loop on the front of the sling so you can cinch it tight around your bicep, then tightly grip the fore end using the sling to lock the front of the rifle into place. The sling will most likely need to either hang loose or be detached from its rear attachment point (like other military-style slings that are used as shooters aids, such as the M1907 sling). You may need to experiment with the sling in order to acquire the most comfortable and stable position.

2. Then compare your score between the two drills — you should see improved scores in all three positions.

Want to learn more about the sling you stand to win? Check it out here:

It’s trusted by over 250,000 airmen, Marines, and soldiers in every branch of the U.S. military. The hardware options you have to use it on any rifle platform run the gamut….

Rail-Mounted Fixed Loop™

The Rail Mounted Fixed Loop™ makes securing a sling to railed forends a no brainer. Fits standard Picatinny/1913 rails with just a few turns of the screw.

Universal Wire Loop™

This flexible nylon-coated stainless steel wire is durable and versatile, allowing sling attachments to be threaded through a variety of different openings.

Universal Wire Loop™ W/Push Button Socket

Wondering what you can use as a sling attachment for the front eyelet on AKs, SCARs, ACRs, HKs, SIGs, or other weapon with small- or odd-sized eyelets? The Universal Wire Loop™ w/Push Button Socket (UWL) allows you to attach slings with push buttons directly to the UWL. The unique socket makes it quick and easy to switch from a two-point carry position to single.


As a QD version of the Universal Wire Loop, the ULoop™ can be installed through eyelets, holes in railed handguards, and KeyMod Rails. Replace your tired hooks, clips, and connections with the ULoop™. The cable snaps into the back after looping it through the eyelet on your weapon.

Rapid Emergency Detachment Swivel (RED Swivel™)

This emergency quick-release swivel replaces the standard push-button design with a pull knob emergency release that fits any standard push button sockets and socket inset in many popular handguards and stocks. It can be released with only 7 pounds of force, but a pull of more than 15 degrees off axis will not release the connection, minimizing an accidental release.

Sling Sleeve

Hold your sling neatly and snag free to quick deployment. Just “Z fold” the sling taut and slip the Sling Sleeve over the bundle to hold it tight and out of the way. Currently available in Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, and Wolf Gray.

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