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Monday Morning Carry: Glock 43 Served Two Ways

The diminutive Glock 43 became an EDC of choice for many soon after it premiered back in March of 2015. The quintessential ‘Gun for when you can't have a Gun‘ can be matched with a variety of holsters and gear (see our holster roundups here and here). Today we bring you two different approaches to this pint sized pistol.

Monday Morning Carry: Glock 43 Served Two Ways

EDC Loadout 1. The Girls Have It

Though it caused some controversy in the past, especially when one woman accidentally took her own life last year, the Flashbang holster remains an attractive option for those in the population that regularly wear bras. We're not so sure that one incident warrants disregarding the entire carry methodology, and it certainly remains a salient example of the need for good training. Fear not if you're a man who doesn't wear a bra–maybe one day the ‘Bro' as foretold by Frank Costanza will come to fruition. The spare magazine is in a Blackpoint MAP holster and the knife accompanying this Glock 43 is a Benchmade Mini Auto Stryker. For a less-lethal option, Sabre Red rides in the pocket. A SOFTT-W tourniquet rides in a Tac Med soft ankle holster.

EDC Carry Loadout 2. Like Normal, but Smaller

There's a joke someplace in this title, we just have to break out a magnifying glass to find it. This loadout is set up in much of the same way as a ‘normal' pistol. The Glock 43 is rolling in a We Plead the 2nd IWB holster with an XP sweat guard. The magazines all feature KE Arms billet aluminum basepads for some extra help getting your little grubbies on them during reloads. The pocket light is a slimline Streamlight ProTac that runs on 2 AAA batteries. Though you're not going to blind someone or signal Batman with this 80 lumen light, it tucks well and should be AOK for most administrative tasks that we actually [mostly] use lights for.

What do you carry, and why?

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