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Glock Europe Leaks New Surefire Light For Slimline Pistols?

It appears that a new Surefire light designed to work with the Glock 43X Rail and 48 Rail have been leaked by Glock Europe. Sadly there is no official information from either Glock or Surefire at this point, so everything in this post is an educated guess.

At SHOT Show 2019, Surefire showed the upcoming 600-Lumen XR1 weaponlight (we mentioned it in our 10 Must-Haves of SHOT post) which featured a magnetic charger and an internal rechargeable battery. It stands to reason that the leaked light will have a similar internal rechargeable battery.

Using a Glock 43 slide we can get a rough idea of how big the light will be. Keep in mind that since we don't have official information, the measurements below are all estimated. Interestingly, the bezel of the light is roughly the same size as the Streamlight TLR-7 which could suggest that the light could have near the same candela output at the tiny Streamlight powerhouse.

If we had to wager a guess on the lumen output, 500 to 600-lumens would be a good bet. As long as the light isn't built with a MaxVision beam, performance should be in the same realm as the first iteration of the Surefire X300 Ultra.

Everything that we can glean from the photo looks like the ingredients for a fantastic EDC light.

If you want to see the image for yourself, head over to the European Glock website. You will find it on both the Glock 43X Rail page as well as the Glock 48 Rail page.

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