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Bullet Theory Films: Glorious Top Shot Slow Mo

Bullet Theory Films, a production company specializing in digital high speed content (e.g., what the eye cannot) for marketing, product analysis, R&D efforts (and of course entertainment) recently released a video they advise pays homage to the good times they had during the Top Shot series, “…the only way we know how.” Quite fittingly, they do so with a glorious, gratuitous compilation of slow motion footage they captured over the course of five seasons. They advise their, “…on screen experts, sharp shooters, armorers and firearms played a pivotal role in getting the shot just right.”

This video was apparently shot exclusively with something called a Phantom v.12.1 camera for all slow motion shots during all five seasons of the show. I say apparently because I know nothing of cameras — we used Polaroids to document a lot of stuff during my rookie years on the road (true story).

220, 221…whatever it takes.

Bullet Theory Films Top Shot Slow Motion 2

Check out this Glorious Top Shot Slow Mo

Top Shot Slow Mo

The results, obviously, speak for themselves.

Bullet Theory Films Top Shot Slow Motion 3

As the company explains their work,

“Slow motion cinematography has become ubiquitous in today's modern filmmaking to record fast phenomena for the purpose of product marketing, analysis, R&D or just plain fun.

Bullet Theory Films Co-Founders Matt Novello and Matt Drake first met on the set of History Channel's highly successful competition reality show TOP SHOT. Throughout five seasons, the show set a benchmark in the art of capturing firearms and live ammunition in action, which has yet to be surpassed.

Utilizing the latest digital high speed technology, Bullet Theory Films offers a full range of production services; from concept development, to the final delivery of your vision.”

They've produced a number of pieces worth watching, from a Sinterfire Ammunition commercial for frangible lead free ammunition to body armor videos for Point Blank. They're also evidently involved with GunnyTime on the Outdoor Channel.

Bullet Theory Films is a Los Angeles based company in business since January of 2010. You can contact them at info(at) They're online here and on Facebook right here.

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