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Go back to school with Original SOE

Original Special Operations Equipment is currently building a few things not found in their typical line-up. To wit: back to school supplies. I would guess these to be more the result of a “wild hair” at OSOE headquarters than something they intend to make a recurring part of their product line (though I could be wrong of course). OSOE is better known for such pieces of gear as the NSW Admin Panel and various Micro-Rigs (like this one for the shotgun). That said, they are also the source of an extensive line of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon “Combat Cocks” and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) morale patches so nothing would really surprise me.

These 3-ring binders are just what you need for the middle school Trapper-Keeper. They are currently available in Kryptek Typhon. They're a flat, 11″ wide x 7″ tall pocket for pens, pencils, protractors and other tools ad nauseum your kid will need to haul around from class to class. There is of course the obligatory Velcro panel for morale/ID patches. Though only being sold in Kryptek Typhon now, watch their Facebook page for further announcements. That's where new stuff shows up first. They recently showed off a MultiCam pencil pocket. That may be another option, or a earlier prototype of the Kryptek pieces. I'll keep you advised.

Hopefully these won't be classified as high capacity assault binder pockets by administrators and outlawed from school grounds.

Get yours here. They retail for $25. The full store is here.

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