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Goodbye NRA? New York and D.C. Team Up to Dissolve the Giant

On Thursday, August 6th, 2020, a pair of lawsuits were leveled at the NRA, seeking to put the organization out of business, accusing it of playing foul with its money. The New York Attorney General went after the National Rifle Association for allegedly funneling funds to pay for the lavish living of top executives, while claiming large losses across the fiscal year. Simultaneously, after a year long investigation, the Washington D.C Attorney General accused the NRA Foundation of using donations to attempt to help pay for luxurious lifestyles and keep the parent company afloat.

With both charges landing at the same time, it looks like this move was part of a coordinated strategy to dissolve the NRA.

Four people are named directly, CEO Wayne LaPierre, a former chief of staff Joshua Powell, John Frazer, their corporate secretary, and Woody Phillips, who formerly acted as treasurer and CFO. While most reporting is centered around LaPierre due to his public profile, all four are implicated in the misuse of non-profit funds.

The latest investigations are heavily centered around the actions of Wayne LaPierre. However the effects of the lawsuit will be felt by over five million members of the NRA.


The crux of the arguments against the NRA pivots on the use of donations to pay for private jets, vacations, and other luxurious expenses, which were allegedly concealed in secretive fiscal practices. When the organization went from reporting a roughly $28 million surplus in 2015, only to claim a $36 million deficit in 2018, it sent red flags for some, and opened them up for political attacks when the leadership didn't appear to be affected by the losses. The claim of mismanaged funds was paired with an allegation that the NRA Foundation, which serves as a charitable conduit of the organization, made loans and bailed out the bad behavior of the leadership.

The charges list examples of $500,000 spent on eight trips to the Bahamas, and the transfer of funds from the Foundation to the NRA in the form of at least $10 million in loans that received extensions upon request. The NRA has already begun organizing a counter-suit against the New York AG, and this is expected to produce a long legal battle. Both sides are already accusing each other of using this situation for political gain. Although none of the four men have been charged with a crime, the civil lawsuits are seeking hefty fines, barring LaPierre from non-profit boards in New York, and to either overtly dissolve the NRA or make it fiscally untenable.


In the political climate of 2020, attacks against the NRA quickly get lost in the noise.

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However this case began as a campaign promise of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who likened the NRA to a terrorist organization.

The NRA and the Second Amendment itself share common ground, as both face threats on social and legal fronts from those who no longer hide their intentions. Despite its long history, the NRA cannot make the mistake of believing it is too big to fail, or lean too heavily on its political relationships.

While it’s argued that the loss of funding and popularity of the NRA has come about as a result of the politicization of mass murders, distrust for the organization over their past position on the Assault Weapons Ban and their readiness to abandon bump stocks has drawn the ire of more than just political opponents. While the NRA takes pride in its long heritage, others think that they are a little long in the tooth, and no longer represent the rights of gun ownership in America.

With the massive spike in gun sales across the country, one would expect that the NRA should be seeing an increase in membership as 2020 fails to be boring. At the same time, considering the upcoming election, the timing of the lawsuit certainly raises suspicion of being more than an investigation for the sake of justice – tying up the funds of an organization pivotal to the re-election of President Trump three months before the election is sure to raise eyebrows. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has already stated that the lawsuit is an attack on the over five million members of the NRA.

As Americans, we must remain vigilant, standing firm through the Second Amendment. Attacks leveled at the NRA are not overtly threats to the Second Amendment itself, however they reveal the motives of those who might move against the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Its a fight we cannot afford to loose.

21 responses to “Goodbye NRA? New York and D.C. Team Up to Dissolve the Giant”

  1. Ed Fennell says:

    I,am a life member.However,if they misused members funds to enrich themselves then they have not only violated the law but have defrauded its members. They have been accused of theses irregularities in a civil suit and it will be up to a jury to make the final decision.If they loose some other organization will fill the void and perhaps do a better more ethical use of its members funds.

    • Walleye says:

      Yes E.F…. No doubt all 5M NRA members are going to jump ship with you and sign up to be a new members of one of the many other ineffective wannabe gun advocacy groups. Good luck with that. (No disrespect intended towards GOA, SAF, JPFO, They each do amazing work in support of the 2A, but they don’t even come close to effectiveness and power of the NRA)

  2. edward smith says:

    things have been going badly the last few years. we lost a few good people fired with not much said. I have sworn that if wayne stays I will not give money & I mean it.

  3. Bemused Berserker says:

    As a Patriot Life Member I’m not surprised in irregularities. Dig deep enough into any large organizations books, and you’ll most likely find similar irregular fiscal footwork (the DNC, United Way and Red Cross are examples). The NRA is not a charity, and it isn’t governed by the same rules that applies to charities, and from the list of potential criminal acts the AG is accusing the organization of, it appears she’s made that charity assumption mistake. As this draws out, we’ll see whether a judge agrees or not. While this may mean leadership will have to change, attempting to dissolve it isn’t in the AGs purview, it resides with the membership of the NRA itself.

    • Blues Dude says:

      The NY State attorney general AND the Washington DC attorney general did not made any mistakes when they filed their lawsuits against the NRA and NRA Foundation, respectively. They know exactly which laws apply to non-profit organizations and they have been investigating their cases and gathering evidence for more than a year now. The big mistakes were made by LaPierre and his cronies when they thought they could get away with stealing from the NRA membership. And both AGs CAN revoke the non-profit statuses of NRA and Foundation if they are found guilty.

  4. David Calderwood says:

    I understand NRA members being upset over the misuse of funds. If that’s true, the perpetrators should be prosecuted. However the NRA is the premiere and most effective organization standing between us and subjugation. We must support the NRA to maintain our freedom!

  5. H. Gill says:

    NRA – Not Really Activists. The ‘party’ is over and has been over for quite some time. Financial irregularities, etc., Wayne & Crew have thrown California under the bus then used it to scare others into contributing their ‘fight’ for the 2nd Amendment. I will not support or contribute as long as Wayne & Crew are in power.

  6. Bob Moran says:

    As a Life Member and one of the five million members, I will not be “dissolved”. >:-( But I’m having trouble understanding why LaPierre is still at the helm. Trying to get rid of an organization because of embezzlement of its management doesn’t make sense to me… These miscreant AGs better have ten million eyes on the back of their heads because they are going to need them. 😉

    And the complaining “never-NRA” bitches need to realize that when you put down the NRA, you are not just putting down LaPierre, you are putting down me and all the other members. When the NRA is gone, all the OTHER gun rights orgs will quickly be sued out of existence–then what?

    And if you took a class to get your carry permit, chances are good you were trained by an NRA-Certified Instructor. Let’s not forget all the GOOD the NRA does…

  7. Lawrence J. Ferek says:

    I am a Benefactor Life Member, who put the NRA above all else except my family. I have had the organizations 6 for many years, and when I needed them, I got the help I requested. However, for the last several years I have felt that there was a skunk in the mailbox. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but somehow I knew Wayne LaPierre was at the bottom of it. Then with the sudden exit of Ollie North and Chris Cox with no detailed explanation I knew we had problems. I read several possible reasons for two highly ranking officers disappearing but nothing from the organization except a letter from the present President Carlyon Meadows where she expressed her trust and loyalty to Wayne LaPierre. Now I was really confused. If there was a problem with LaPierre, why would she defend him in print. I never want to see the NRA disappear, because the organization is too important to everyone who uses a firearm for whatever reason. So, members please show your support for the organization and hopefully our officers can get it straightened out.

  8. Mike says:

    I can’t say I’m happy about the alleged financial irregularities and expensive NRA law firms I have read about in the past year. However, I am also not about ready to overlook the good the NRA has done or its effectiveness in protecting the 2nd amendment. You just have to read “moderate” Joe’s proposals for “gun safety’ on his campaign web site to see what to expect if there is no effective resistance to it and the politicians that support those types of initiatives. History has shown it is more difficult to reverse bad legislation than to prevent it. I sent the NRA a check this morning. If you have a more effective means of protecting your 2nd amendment rights, then go for it. If your plan is to sit back and see what happens down the road, then don’t complain about whatever comes your way.

  9. Brian says:

    Smarten up. If the NRA goes, self defense becomes a footnote in history. Weed out the bad eggs and get on with it.

    • Maresleg says:

      I am a Benefactor Life member and I agree with this 100%. We cannot abandon the NRA but upper management must go. If LaPierre really cared he would step away. I can hardly stand to look at him any more.

  10. glenn sammon-USCCA instructor. says:

    as a life member, we need MORE pro gun organizations , not less.if their is a problem with the leaders than it needs to be delt with and let them keep the fight for our rights up. this all is just a way to try to get rid of the biggest pro gun rights group so they can disarm us and have absolute communist power over us. that’s all. and some of you idiots are playing right into their hands.

  11. david sanchez says:

    If the idiot LaPierre and his and his band if felons TRUELY cared about the NRA, what it was, what it is and what it can be…Then they should do the right thing and step away. But like all weasels in the hen house, all they care about is themselves. And I guarranty that LaPierre has dirt on each and everyone he and the NRA has ever funded, donated to, lobbied and bought. And just like the whole Jeffrey Epstein house of cards that us just about to co.e tumbling down…if Wayne goes, everybody from Trump down and across the pond will definitely come crashing down. I split from the NRA after being a member since I was basically a kid because the NRA became nothing different than any self serving propaganda puker in the world. And my mailbox literally without bullshit had NRA fear mongering, begging for more money and more money and more money envelopes in it EVERYDAY. It got to a point when I felt the NRA would soon be standing on every street corner holding a card board sign, Will save your guns for money….The NRA “USED TO BE” a reputable ral honest to god entity. Now, its the same as the oil industry, pharma, etc….But Hey…that’s the American Way…Look at Wells Fargo…

  12. Talia says:

    This is a political ploy. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The NRA is a necessary organization and to “defund” it and/or “dissolve” it would not be in the best interests of the 2nd Amendment supporters, nor the NRA members. If those in the leadership are bad apples, then just get rid of the bad apples. But as it was stated in another comment here, “If the NRA goes, self defense becomes a footnote in history.” We cannot afford that.

  13. Billy says:

    Wayne must go.

  14. Candace Delaney says:

    This is a perfect example of how a few bad “eggs” ruin it for everyone. Am a life Member, but its not for LaPierre. He is the one that makes me question the organization and what it does. There have been rumors for too long that he has been dipping from the organization into his own pocket and am at a loss as to why he is still in office. of course, I also wonder how Bill DeBlasio got re-elected two years ago too.

  15. Paul Collins says:

    How do we get rid of Wayne? He is never up for election and he packs the board with his cronies.

  16. Fred Pickler says:

    I have been a contineous member of the NRA since 1963 and currently a Life-Benefactor member of the NRA.
    There is something Rotton and stinking with King Wayne and his cronies. It is well past time for the membership to launch a complete Audit of our money and throw King Wayne LaPierre out on his ear, tar and feather him, put him on a greased rail and send him to the deepest hole that can be dug, confiscate all his stolen propery, and put his worthless ass in Prison .That would include anything he has taken-stolen-defrauded from the coffers of NRA. Qliver North and Chris Cox should be reinstated (never did figure out out how a person elected by the membership can be “fired” by LaPierre) We need to move fast getting him dishonorably discharged (fired)

  17. Thomas Marsh says:

    I am a patriot life member for over 30 years. I have met Wayne many times. I will always stand beside him and if necessary in front of him to protect him!!!

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