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Grand Power’s New Importer, Global Ordnance

About a month ago Eagle Imports announced that they would no longer be handling the importation of Grand Power firearms, a surprise since we just covered the Stribog in Issue 42. We got a chance to chat with the new importers of the entire line at the Big 3 East Media Shoot about what the future might hold for the line of Slovakian firearms. Grand Power's new importer Global Ordnance has a background in the defense sector and happily jumped at the chance to bring the interesting guns into the US.

One of the main points that Global Ordnance covered was the possibility of lowering the price of spare magazines to a more palatable pricing structure. Previously spare magazines for the rotating barrel handguns ran right about $50 MSRP, well above where the average consumer is comfortable with. Currently, they are still working out the new pricing structure, but we were assured that Global was doing all they could to make the cost of extra mags less of a sticking point for potential customers.

They also brought along the Stribog in a couple of configurations, the one that caught our eye this time was fitted with a Safety Harbor Firearms Tailhook Adaptor keeping the gun's pistol status.


It isn't hard to see why we were enamored with the Stribog with nice features at a reasonable price. If you haven't already clicked on the link above to get an in-depth look, you really should.


Global Ordnance also had the X-Calibur pistol on display which just about every attendee tried their best to wear out. We were impressed that the gun not only ran reliably, but it did so without a cleaning over the course three days of heavy shooting.


The adjustable rear sight was pretty dang spot on and well designed. When combined with the red fiber front sight it was rather hard to miss with the pistol.

The most striking feature of the X-Calibur is the highly skeletonized slide with the deeply fluted bull barrel peeking out from inside the slide.

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You recall where I said that the pistol wasn't cleaned? This is the carbon buildup after three days without a drop of additional oil. If there was any concern about the rotating barrel action being finicky, the demo pistol's performance put that to bed right away.


Global also showed a line of canned ammunition called Canmunition that is nitrogen purged for long term storage. Each can of 9mm holds 90 rounds in a can the same shape as a 12-ounce beer can and the .223 can holds 40 rounds. Global Ordnance says that they can fill the cans with any ammunition, they just happen to have the sample cans filled with Fiocchi FMJ.


Find more about Global Ordnance on their website.

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Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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  1. kent m morean says:

    If I bought a Grand Power .380 where would I buy parts?
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