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Grey Ghost Gear knife offer & resupply

Idaho-based Grey Ghost Gear, a “boutique” manufacturer of tactical nylon, has advised they will be giving away some knives (though not how many). Though known chiefly for their extremely popular Lightweight Assault Packs (LAPs) and Stealth Operator Packs (SOPs), Grey Ghost Gear recently released several low profile load-bearing pieces (including the Minimalist Chest Rig and Slim Medical Pouch).

The knives to be given away are “Back Alley Fighters”, a style of folding knife made in the USA by Koncept Knives. The blades are ATS34/154CM with hard black anodized  CNC machined aluminum handles. Blade length is 3.85 in., handle 4.85 in., and they'll ship in a USA-made pouch with small Tactical Tailor MALICE clip and small Tek-Lok.  For information about the knife giveaway, GGG advises you will need to subscribe to their newsletter, the form for which is in the bottom right hand corner of their website.

Grey Ghost has had difficulty in the past keeping much of their niche camo gear in stock (PenCott, Kryptek and A-TACs particularly. Because of that we are happy to advise they're no longer “Red or Black” on most items (referring to the military color code for the status of ammunition, materiel, etc.). In particular they have restocked on packs. The resupply includes LAPs in Typhon, Highlander, Coyote Brown, Mandrake, LiteLok Coyote Brown, MultiCam, PenCott Badlands and PenCott Greenzone; in Stealth Operator Packs they have a new shipment of Kryptek Typhon, Black, Grey, A-TACs FG, Kryptek Mandrake, Kryptek Yeti, LiteLok Coyote Brown, LiteLock MultiCam and MultiCam. Follow GreyGhostGear# on IG or keep up with them via Facebook.

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