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Review – the Grey Ghost Gear Throwback

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noun throw·back \ˈthrō-ˌbak\
a : reversion to an earlier type or phase : atavism
b : an instance or product of atavistic reversion
: one that is suggestive of or suited to an earlier time or style <his manners were a throwback to a more polite era>

The Throwback is a rugged and attractive, waxed canvas carry option that will appeal especially to the wrong-handed.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Many of us tend to pack more than is strictly necessary when preparing to head off for the day's adventure. Some of us are worse than others. Purse, backpack, laptop bag or luggage, I'm one of those who always needs a little extra room for…well, something.

GGG Throwback 8 RWM

Some of us also own more bags, rucks, daypacks, assault packs, courier bags and messenger bags than is strictly necessary — and some of us are worse about that than is strictly necessary.

While I’m picky when it comes to aesthetic, size and unassuming practicality (preferring to look rather less than tactical) I am guilty of this as well. Finding a good pack can be difficult with this sort of preference — you need something that will secure all your crap, leave room for the random Oh, I need that! but isn't so large you look like you're carrying a diaper bag or a human head.

GGG Throwback 5 RWM

Regardless of the bag, adorability or its intended method of carry, the items we carry within are not as easily substituted or replaced; a bag choice needs to be one of good internal architecture and solid construction, but most importantly one that will protect all of its contents – no matter the weather, environments or magnitude of activity it’s subjected to.

Enter the GGG Throwback. It’s simple, compact and has the capacity to hold everything one might need for a typical daily outing — and it looks good. The folks at Grey Ghost Gear combined the classic, old-school styling of a backpack with modern design lessons learned to come up with what is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to, EDC (Every Day Carry) bags.

The Throwback was born from one of GGG’s popular, larger packs, and modified to be more unassuming in nature. Using waxed canvas material for the body, the bag takes on a vintage (maybe a little hipster?) look with a traditional appeal.

GGG Throwback 6 RWM

Waxed canvas is not only aesthetically appealing, but it’s highly wear and water resistant – which protects all the treasures concealed within. The material has consistently been a preferred choice for outdoor companies and high-fashion designers for years, not least because it weathers with age. Such weathering creates a unique and individual look with each piece, without causing it to lose its water repellent qualities. These qualities are made possible by the wax that impregnates the fibers.

GGG Throwback 2 RWM

Measuring around 850 cubic inches, the bag is ideal for an acceptable daily carry bag. It's small enough to maintain a “normal” look, but still large enough to hold everything I need for a full day of work, life and activities. The main compartment is 550 cubic inches in volume and is accessed from the top via a YKK zipper with two pulls. Two internal pockets line each side to hold a beverage or smaller items.

The external front pocket measures 300 cubic inches, and is accessed by zippers on both sides of the pocket – particularly convenient for the left-handed soul. The interior of the pocket is lined with loop fabric, which is sewn onto the entire front wall, sharing the outer pocket.

GGG Throwback 1 RWM

The exterior of the pack features a grab handle on the top, two compression straps on each side and a bungee chord on the front for a quick-grab option. The “hidden” zipper compartment on the front is just large enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, keys or anything immediately necessary.

Below the carry strap is a sleeve found on day bags, commonly used to hold a Camelbak-type bladder. This open topped sleeve is secured with Velcro, and can be utilized for fitting a small, thin laptop or tablet – making it ideal for carrying to the local coffee shop or around town.

GGG Throwback 3 RWM

The initial response many will have is how simple the design looks; that impression will be corrected after closer examination and use. This little gem is meant more for basic day hikes and simple urban activities.

Grey Ghost told us they wanted to stay away from most of the features found on “tactical” bags, providing a more subtle pack with excellent features. It appears they hit their mark.

GGG Throwback 7 RWM

The Throwback is available in several different color schemes. Check out their website for more details.

This pack was provided to us for review during the Trails Found 16 event with the Grasky Tracking School at Triangle T Ranch.

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