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Han Holster Roundup–Options for your 6 Second Mount

“But if I could only find a way to carry it….”

ALG's 6 Second Mount has gained in popularity in some circles. With that popularity comes holsters. While it doesn't matter so much during a lazy Sunday range session, if you want to train, compete, or carry with it you're going to need something better than simply shoving it in your pants.

Well, I suppose you could just shove it in your pants, but given the size of the equipped pistol (and all the other potential Plaxico Burress issues that come with it) you probably need –something-. But not just anything will work.

There are a few reasons why the Han Solo Blaster won't fit into just any old holster. First, and most obvious, is that there's a rather large optic on top. Toss in the accompanying blast shield and the wider dimension of the nose due to how it attaches… let's just say that you aren't likely to see one at Walmart anytime soon.


Of course, you could always get something custom made. If you can get a Kydex holster for dip tobacco, no doubt someone can drum one up for ya. However, having an off the shelf option isn't a negative. It means that the Kydex craftsman has already figured out the quirks (and there are some) and won't have to use you as a beta tester. Everything in this article I've not only had in my hands, I've taken out to the range.

We'll go through the specifications and features of each so you can make an educated decision. Note that most of these holsters come with a weapon mounted light (WML) option as a standard. While all of these holsters have specific mounting options and it's always nice if it comes the way you want from the source, you should bear in mind that they usually can be adapted to another systems if required. It might require a Dremel, a quick hardware store trip, and a couple of Coors Lights, but it can be done.

You'll also notice I tried each holster out in configurations they weren't specifically designed for (like using it without the 6 Second mount installed). It doesn't always work, which is entirely unsurprising since the holster is being utilized outside of parameters—but it's always a positive check in the versatility box if it can.

Let's start at the beginning. Let's take a look at the holster that was around before the public even learned of 6 Second Mount in the first place:

Advanced Holster: AMS-6S
‘AMS' stands for “Adaptable Mounting System.” It began it's life as a specific run for a military customer. Since that time, the guys down at Advanced Holster have updated it to allow for more versatility to appeal to the commercial market.

The AMS-6S is currently only available for Surefire X300U WMLs. It's configured for a Glock 34 and can accept a Glock 17 with a threaded barrel or muzzle device. If you need to fit something longer some material may have to be removed from the bottom of the holster. There are two tensioning screws with posts for adjustment.

As the name suggests, there are a lot of mounting options. They include G-Code RTI, Safariland ALS, Blackhawk, Invictus Hangers, and Blade-Tech. Instead of having a dozen holes drilled into the holster body itself, Advanced Holster utilizes an adapter plate with threaded holes that directly attaches. The adapter plate not only ensures a rigid mounting system, but also gives a little offset.

The mount equipped pistol will also lock in place without a WML installed. Furthermore, a plain Glock with an X300U will also fit.


MSRP: $75
Advanced Holster can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Off The Grid Concepts: MKvi
Off the Grid Concepts (OTGHEX) was the first commercially available 6 Second Mount holster that we became aware of (read the presser here). The holster encompasses the blast shield so it offers some protection to the front of the optic. There is one tension screw for adjustment. The MKvi is available for the Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2, as well as the X300U/V and X400U/V. It should be noted that holsters that can accommodate the X400U will also fit the X300U. You can order it configured for the Glock 17, 17L, or 34. No issues with a threaded barrel on a Glock 17 in their standard Glock 17 holster.

Mounting options are Safariland ALS Bolt pattern, and four sizes of Way of the Gun (WOTG) Proctor Offset Loops.

The mount equipped pistol will also lock in place without a WML installed, but tension has to be adjusted. A plain Glock with just a WML will fit like it was made for it.

OTGHEX_holster_6sec_body01 OTGHEX_holster_6sec_body02OTGHEX_spec_box

MSRP: $85
Off The Grid Concepts can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Raven Concealment: Bucket of Justice
This option by Raven Concealment (RCS) is not yet available on the open market. Though the official name may leave something to be desired in terms of panache, many who have used one reference it lovingly as the “Murder Bucket”. I will continue this tradition, even if unofficially and uncondoned.

The one you see here is pre-production. Because of that some minor features or details may change between now and its release. The Murder Bucket of Justice has an open bottom, so Glock slides of any length can be accommodated. The example I have holds an X400U so the X300U has no problems fitting. There is one tension screw for adjustment.

The Bucket came with a set of RCS loops but can work with a number of mounting solutions such as Safariland. The RCS option is the only holster tested that shrouds the entire optic for protection. This means a larger footprint, but the pistol aligns itself quite nicely during holstering, making it the easiest to use of the bunch (it is reminiscent of old cowboy flap holsters in that regard). The big open top only helps in this instance. Such a large footprint oftentimes means more flex, but because there are no open points on the sides and being constructed from .125 Boltaron , it maintains rigidity whether a pistol is in it or not. This is a very sound holster.

The Bucket will lock a pistol in place without a WML, but tension has to be adjusted. A plain Glock with a WML will lock in, though it looks silly in a rig this size.
Raven_Concealment_holster_6sec_body01 Raven_Concealment_holster_6sec_body02

MSRP: $130
Raven Concealment can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

T-Rex Arms: 6 Second Holster
Well, we go straight from an awesome moniker to a vanilla pure-description one. Fortunately, other than the name there isn't a whole lot of vanilla going on with this one. Instead of typing out the entire thing I'll call it the TRA-6S.

The TRA-6S is made for a Glock 17 or Glock 34 with an X300U or X400U. There is one tension screw for adjustment.

One of the major selling points of the TRA-6S is that you can get it with T-Rex's ATS Hanger. ATS stands for “Articulating Thigh Strap.” Simply put, when you move your legs, the strap on the drop leg moves with you while the holster stays in place. It's a very clever solution to one the many complaints people have about drop legs. Of course, you can also use the standard ALS mounting holes for any number of Safariland options.

T-Rex Arms used very thick (.125) Kydex for constructing the TRA-6S to avoid any potential flex issues with the open front. After forming, the excess overlapped material is then folded around the back. This helps to reduce the profile. As a consequence, it's a beast of a holster but still sports a smaller profile. The easiest way I found to holster was by leading with the WML from the front.

You cannot lock a mount equipped pistol in place if it doesn't have a WML. However, you can use it with a WML equipped pistol without an ALG mount if you adjust the tension.

T-Rex_Arms_holster_6sec_body01 T-Rex_Arms_holster_6sec_body02trex_spec_box

MSRP: $110
T-Rex Arms can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Amordillo Concealement: X-Fer
I admit, I tried this more for curiosities sake than anything else. Armordillo Concealment doesn't make a holster specifically for the 6 Second Mount, but the X-FER is a AIWB (Appendix, Inside the Waistband) holster designed to lock around a WML, so why not?

It turns out that the X300U model of the X-FER will indeed lock onto a 6 Second Mount equipped handgun. With the TLR? No, it just rotates off. The wider nose due to the mounting is just a little too much for it to handle. Is it comfortable AIWB? Maybe if you're a gorilla or your last name is Jacques, Lamb, or Fisher, but it was just too large with this holster in this application. Furthermore, I doubt the ability of a single loop to keep such a large pistol in place. Worth a shot though, right?

Armordillo_concealment_holster_6sec_body01 Armordillo_concealment_holster_6sec_body02armordillo_spec_box

MSRP: $60
Armordillo Concealment can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Vigilance Tactical: Sentry6
A newcomer, the Sentry6 is available in the widest variety of configurations. Like most of the above, it's made specifically for the Glock 17 and 34 and can accept threaded muzzles, but they have a separate designation for the WML variety. The WML accommodating holsters are the ‘Nocturnal' series with options for Inforce, Streamlight, and Surefire. There are also nearly 50 different kydex colors and patterns to choose from. The Sentry6 has two tensioning screws with posts for adjustment.

Mounting options are available from G-Code, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech, and Safariland. The Sentry6 was the only 6 Second Mount capable holster that you could order with a thumb break option standard. If you go with a thumb break, it's advisable to introduce the pistol into the holster from the rear to avoid any snagging issues (you know, like getting the break caught in your trigger guard).

You can use the Nocturnal Sentry6 without a WML but the thumb break is definitely needed—it's not going to retain without it. With a plain Glock and WML, even with adjusting tension the thumb break will be needed for any kind of proper retention.

vigitac_holster_6sec_body01 vigitac_holster_6sec_body02vigilance_spec_box

MSRP: $85
Vigilance Tactical can be found online here, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.


So there you have it. If you know of more companies making Han Solo Blaster holsters that we haven't covered, feel free let us know and we may do another roundup.

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