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When it comes to EDC (Every Day Carry), one of the most important items you can have on your person is a flashlight. You don't have to be “Joe Kickass” on the SWAT Team or a flatfoot scanning for threats in a dark alley to justify one. We use our light for as mundane tasks as finding dropped car keys in a movie theater, charging the luminous dial on our watch face, even perusing a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. If you want to do those things with an extra bit of flair, you should check out the custom lights from Jeff Hanko at Hanko Machine.

What you see above is a set of four EX11.2 lights in Timascus, Zirconium, Titanium and Copper/Tellurium (D. Weikum Photography). Scroll down for more imagery below. You'll see some true works of art, courtesy of the galleries of EDC Knives and Steel Flame Junkies.

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Hanko Machine Works EDC Light - 3

Hanko Machine Works EX11.2,Ti with satin finish. From the EDC Knives Facebook page(q.v.), by D. Weikum Photography.

Built to last several lifetimes, these lights are the ultimate EDC light if you have the funds. They run into the thousands, price wise depending on options. This is not anodized aircraft aluminum. Hanko goes for Titanium, Timascus, Copper. Bronze and adds little touches such as semi precious stones and tritium. He also frequently teams up with some of the most amazing artisans alive today.

Hanko Machine Works EDC Light - 4

It does not get any better than teaming up with Tom Ferry (one of the inventors of Timascus) a master knifemaker and engraver. By D. Weikum Photography.

Hanko Machine Works EDC Light - 5

If Titanium is not to your taste, there is nothing like the beauty of copper. By D. Weikum Photography.

Hanko Machine Works EDC Light - 6

This is not your daddy's Maglite or Kel light. These have custom Steel Flame clips attached to them. By D. Weikum Photography. Courtesy of EDC Knives.

Hanko Machine Works EDC Light - 1

Here are a couple that showed up recently in the Steel Flame Junkies group.

The idea of a flashlight costing more than a handgun or custom knife may not appeal to everyone. Lights can get lost, confiscated by overzealous TSA types, etc. If you still admire the craftsmanship that Jeff puts into these but want to dial it down a bit, he makes custom shot glasses and key fobs from similar materials.

Titanium shot glasses make a great gift.

Titanium shot glasses make a great gift.

Hanko Machine Works jewelry

These Wheels of Fire by Hanko Machine will make sure you find your keys with all those vials that glow in the dark. Hanko is big on many of the tactical, EDC and knife forums such as and candlepower forums, but has a very low social media profile. By D. Weikum Photography. Courtesy of EDC Knives.

You won't find these at your local sporting goods store, monstermart or outfitter. They usually turn up in the dark recesses of knife, flashlight and EDC forums or social media groups.

As you might have gathered already, we suggest EDC Knives as a source for Jeff's work ( They were the source of several of all the pictures you see here. You might also do an Instagram search for #hankomachineworks, there are several hundred pictures of his work out there.

Find D. Weikum Photography here:


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