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Happy Veterans Day from Ft. Bragg

RECOIL is on scene at the Green Beret Pro Am again this year. We figure it’s a pretty damn good way to spend Veteran’s Day. Held every year at Range 37 PSR Gun Club (HQ of Raidon Tactics) right outside Ft. Bragg. This is the 5th Annual shoot. It pairs one amateur who has raised at least $1K for the Green Beret Foundation with a professional from the Special Forces community and historically raises many thousands of dollars (mostly via raffles, but also through direct donations).

The day began, fittingly enough, with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Special Forces Prayer, after which some salty Green Berets from the Green Beret Association Parachute Team jumped a massive American flag in kick things off (and by salty we mean one of them has over 8 thousand jumps). Then things went loud. We’ll have more information on the many vendors and supporters here later on. For now, we’ll hope the GBF can do as well as (or better than) last year, when they raised $60k.

If you’re interested in donating or getting in on some of the equipment raffles, you can do so at

Green Beret Pro Am Frankie McRae

Pro Am HMFIC Frankie McRae

Lots of good stuff going on – including two lucky (and skilled) shooters who will take home a rifle donated by Grey Ghost Precision and another from MGI Weapon Systems (another GGP rifle is also being auctioned off).

Stage Sponsors include XS Sights and Grey Ghost Precision, providing a Specter Light; Gehtsoft USA; Fayetteville Hyperbarics with RTD Precision Cowboy Shooting, ATA Defense Tactical using ATA Defense target systems, which incorporates SCAR rifles from Kinetic Technology and lastly MGI Weapon Systems and their modular MGI AR Platform.

Green Beret Pro Am Stage Sponsors

Stage sponsors for the 5th Annual Green Beret Foundation Pro Am

Other thanks go out to Kappa Sigma Fraternity (Campbell University), the tireless efforts of Linda McRae, Steve McCarthy of Spartan Blades (all pro competitors receive one), the Dave Bellew family, such individuals as Ed Broughton, Jim Tiller, Mike MacPherson, Glenn Estell, Operationally Proven Tactical (an SF owned company), Tun Tavern Tactical (a Marine owned company), Zombie Shooters Association (a veteran owned company), ATA Defense (an SF owned company), XS Sites and Oakley.

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Here for the 3rd year in a row are Defender Ammunition (an SF owned company), Custom Works NC (a veteran owned copany), Recognize Designs, Davidson & Sons Accounting, Harries Corporation and EFB/UEC.

2nd year sponsors incude Grey Ghost Precision (veteran owned), Tactical Tailor (Ranger owned),, Kantrol Solutions, Total Body Therapy and Wellness, MGI Weapon Systems (an SF owned company).

Their first year sponsors include Henry Rifles, Fayetteville Hyperbarics LLC, Vortex Optics, Down East Hearing Care Associates, BEST Targets, Red Light Management, Navigon Financial Group, SpyderCo, Superior Bakery, JBI Armory,, Wah-Tek Cameras, Darley Defense, Bravo 4 Blade Works (an SF owned company) and Advanced Holsters.

More to follow.

Green Beret Pro Am Jumping the Flag 2

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