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HK MP7 + Leg and Shoulder Rig

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It's generally considered to have started with the fielding of the M1 carbine during World War 2. A small, lightweight, handy weapon for those that need something more compact than a rifle, and more accurate than a handgun. Submachine guns ruled that niche for the latter half of the 20th century, that is until sub caliber personal Defensive Weapons (PDWS) began to appear. Weapons such as the 5.7mm FN P90 and 6x35mm Knights Armament Corporation PDW are gaining popularity as primary weapons.

Small and easily concealed, these weapons back body armor defeating punch into a package scarcely larger than a full size service pistol. Without a doubt the HK MP7 has become the choice pick of most of the most secret of our secret squirrels (say that three times fast).  Armored threats are a very real concern, which many combat vets of Iraq and Afghanistan will testify to. Even the bad guys are wearing it, often in the most unlikely of places. The MP7's 4.6x30mm cartridge is effective against armor and helps mitigate that threat.

I recently had the chance to check out Heckler & Koch’s new MP7 mod at the Army’s AUSA show in D.C. Consisting of a low profile chest rig and a rigid polymer drop leg, this setup will allow those armed with an MP7 more versatility in mode of carry. The chest rig and drop leg panel share a simple, innovative means of retention. The MP7 is fitted with a modified 9 or 3 O’clock position Pic Rail that slides down into a polymer raceway. The gun is held secure in the upright position, until pulled up and out of the dovetail – think of a keymod hand guard accessory, only the MP7 is the accessory!

HK MP7 and Holster Suite -2

The system is light and simple, making it more attractive to the end user.  The vest solves the problem of carrying the weapon under a cover garment and not having it print, compromising covert status. Typically a single point sling would be a good choice, since the gun would be over on your side and quickly brought out to make a shot. The problem with this mode of carry is the obvious strap crossing your chest center line, and the weapons movement when free hanging.  The drop leg is a little more overt but well suited for its intended role. Worn like a traditional dropleg holster such as a Safariland 6004, the HK platform secures to your thigh with three straps and is ambidextrous capable. The lightweight, injection-molded polymer frame will allow individuals carrying the MP7 as a secondary or backup weapon immediate access. This would work great for Snipers that use a bolt action as a primary but want something more powerful than a handgun for moving to their hide. Armored vehicle crewmen, turret gunners, shotgun breachers and pilots would also appreciate this holster-like setup.

HK MP7 and Holster Suite -3Note: it does still allow for the weapon to be carried with a red dot sight, IR laser such as a DBAL or Peq-15, and sound suppressor attached. Overall it's not the least bit gimmicky, but has real world value to many users going down range. Heckler and Koch has created what very well could be a winning combo between this weapon system and suite of carriage options.

Read some more about it and see photos of it mounted here.

HK MP7 and Holster Suite -5

About the Author: Nathan M. is a former USMC sergeant who served as a Scout Sniper team leader and infantry platoon sergeant with several CENTCOM and AFRICOM deployments during his time in service. Nate is a gunsmith, designer, CCW holder and freelance writer-photographer who spends most of his time designing or scratch-building weapon parts and accessories.

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